How to Select the Rugs’ Size for Your Living Areas


How to Select the Rugs’ Size for Your Living Areas

November 3, 2016

When it comes to Rugs, there are many options in regards to size, shapes, colours. etc. While it is quite the diversified market a rug can make or break the whole mood of the room. It is quite important to get every setting right, determining the right size is as crucial as finding the right colour and pattern. If wrongly chosen, an oversized rug can really make the room feel cluttered and unbalanced. But do not worry, here are some rug suggestions to decorate your home.

While choosing a rug one must carefully think about the proportions of their room. To avoid a sticky situation, measure the space in which the rug will supposedly be placed to ensure that the rug is uniform and functional to the room.

The following measurements may save you a lot of money:

Small Rugs – Usually from 80x150cm up to 120x170cm, they are great to highlight smaller pieces of furniture and enliven entrance areas, bedrooms or small living areas.

Medium Rugs – Normally sizing up to 160 x 230cm, medium rugs are fine choices for bedrooms, home offices and living rooms, especially if placed under a coffee table.

Large Rugs – A larger rug measures about 200 x 300cm. They are perfect for living rooms, master bedrooms and entertainment areas.

Extra Large Rugs – With a standard size of 240 x 340cm, they are quite memorable when arranged in larger divisions, such as living rooms, master bedrooms or playful areas.

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The following are a few suggestions considering different divisions of a home:

Dining Rooms

Select extendable rugs

Living Rooms

The rug must always be larger than your coffee table. It can pretty much define the whole atmosphere of a room. To balance the living area decorate the room with other pieces of furniture so as to anchor the rug. Do not buy a small size rug for larger areas as it will not look good and do not let the rug touch the walls.


Remember that if you choose a patterned rug for your bedroom, the bed may very well cover some of it. Make sure you leave some space between the bed and the walls, you can also put smaller rugs on both sides of the bed.

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