How a Mid-Century Bedroom can emanate a Timeless Charm

How a Mid-Century Bedroom can emanate a Timeless Charm

September 23, 2019

Coveted Issuu

A Mid-Century Bedroom is something easy to obtain but tricky when it comes to making it work in any household. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t seem like the vintage-type trends are going away anytime soon, so having a rest in a space that brings you back to the past is a truly luxury experience right now. CovetED will give you some essential tips and hints which will guide you in the decoration of your bedroom.




Among some of the top features of Mid-Century comes an ultra-chic visual, with pared-down, clean lines complete with organic ease that’s very appealing to many bedrooms. For a bedroom, the ideal type of furnishings you might want to add into your Mid-Century Bedroom have to be unfussy, functional and have natural features.




This is an ideal style for people who are living a small space but also like the idea of a more clean and modern aesthetic. Regardless of your budget, this is easier to obtain than you might think at first. Keep scrolling down for some interior design inspiration tips!






A tip that isn’t usually very harmful to the decor of a Mid-Century Bedroom has to do with the fact that you can mix distinct styles. You can add just a few wooden elements, especially furnishings made out of walnut! In order to keep your room hip and cool you can definitely add a few mid-century posters accompanied by the right lighting choices. Take a chance to mix distinct patterns such as curves, boomerangs, kidneys, and spiky starbursts.




Another way to “play safe” in the matter of the saturation of the bedroom is to go for more neutral colours. This will help you in a way that it doesn’t make your space look and feel super overwhelming, not to mention that it doesn’t add too many focal points in the division. Being a space meant for relaxation this is a useful tip to take into account especially if you don’t want to focus too much after a stressful day.




When it comes to colours, any Mid-Century lover will immediately point to tones such as brown, rust, and green combined with the primary colours of red, blue, and yellow. When it comes to metals this style was a rule-breaker, by applying unique materials such as plywood, metal, glass, and even moulded plastics. While it’s always important to keep it minimalistic, you have a lot to experiment with before obtaining that ideal decor.




Lastly, you can definitely incorporate different types of furniture for different functions other than the ones they were meant to have. A bench can be improvised as an accent table, and a chair can be a nightstand if you so wish. Just try to improvise with what you have! Decorating a Mid-Century Bedroom can definitely be a fun experience for the whole family!




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