Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo

Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo

Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo

May 1, 2019


Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo ⇒ If there is anything we can all agree upon is that the star piece of any good dining room is the dining table. There are several things that you should take into account when choosing one. – From the size to the colour, and shape to the material; the options really are endless, so you better plan it all in advance. Don’t worry though, with CovetED‘s help, you won’t even need to look much! Just scroll down and be inspired.


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Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo


The Fortuna Dining Table is a shimmering statement piece that unites Boca do Lobo’s one of a kind design aesthetic and passion for Gold. Representing the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, the Fortuna features a one of a kind design, with a unique table surface texture and incredible finish.

Pietra Oval 

Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo


Playing with function and sculptural form, Pietra dining table shapes a timeless experience through its classical aura reminding the renaissance era and finest Estremoz white marble. Its oval top gently lies in three robust marble columns, each one conceived from solid blocks hand-sculpted and turned to create different details for additional texture. A noble material carved in Boca do Lobo workshops, conceiving a soulful statement dining table ideal for elegant and refined dining rooms. Ideal for eight seats, the contemporary feel of Pietra is effortlessly stylish and it can be used for indoor.


Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo


With its inspiration coming from the prehistoric monument, the Stonehenge has been built asymmetrically and is composed by striking finishes and materials such as brass and marble. This piece also features metallic hues which are a reference to the Neolithic and Bronze Age.


Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo


After the huge success of Metamorphosis Series, Boca do Lobo creates Metamorphosis Dining Table in order to strengthen this unique concept. This luxury dining table has come to symbolize the evolutionary history of life, representing the last stage of the cycle through the usage of sculpted fossils on display at the top of the table. It also represents the effort made by our designers to questioning the existence of things, by answering a simple question: “How can we define something as living?” According to Boca do Lobo’s quality signature, Metamorphosis Dining Table embodies handmade techniques such as wood carving, metal cutting and hammering, and polishing, executed by some of the best craftsmen in the country. A unique product for those who have a peculiar taste for limited edition pieces and conceptual designs.

Bonsai Table

Top 5 Dining Room Tables from Boca do Lobo


Extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that make the Bonsai love at first sight. Relating to Boca do Lobo’s approach to re-adapting traditional furniture styles, and inseparably combined with innovative processes, the Bonsai Dining table boasts bold lines and character in a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes.



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