Decorating Tips for an Impressive Bedroom Design by Nate Berkus


Decorating Tips for an Impressive Bedroom Design by Nate Berkus

January 4, 2017

The following article is going to display a selection of decorating ideas by Nate Berkus for an impressive bedroom design. Nate Berkus is an American interior designer, author, TV host, and television personality. He owns the Chicago interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates. He has released numerous lines of products and authored several books.


Take a look at some of his bedroom designs and decor methods:

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Berkus’s mission has always been about making design accessible to the masses through its mantra of “live beautifully” emphasizing the little details that people can do in order to enhance their home living – most of which cost next to nothing to achieve. See below a couple of simple decorating tips from one of the best interior designers in California.

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Make the Most of Grocery Store Bouquets

Berkus likes to take economical grocery store bouquets and split them into smaller arrangements, so he can enjoy them around the house – “Regardless of how much money we have or don’t have or where we live, everybody wants to live better. This kind of little moments makes that easier.”

Add Drama With Paint

Nate admitted he isn’t the biggest fan of accent walls — especially in new construction rooms without a lot of architectural details — but thought there are ways to work around that. “Painting a wall or a room black can be really effective: the walls start to recede, and it feels really sexy and very elegant,” he said. He recommends experimenting with niches, e.g. using shelves.

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Turn an Eyesore Into an Opportunity

Nate believes you can tell a lot by the kind of container someone keeps their toothbrush in. “I use an old, beautiful cut-glass tumbler that I bought for like $5 at a flea market. I like the idea of using something beautiful in the everyday, kind of mundane way,” said Nate. His other go-to tip? Ditch the egg carton, and place eggs in a beautiful bowl in the fridge.

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Drape Fabric Over Your Headboard

You should never splurge on a headboard, Nate insisted. “They’re online — you can find them everywhere. I tend to personalize headboards by draping a textile over the back of it. That way, it’s very easy to change out,” he said.

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Avoid Small Space Clichés

Nate reasoned that it’s more important to have comfortable, quality pieces that you really love. One of the biggest small-space culprits? The studio-size sofa. “If you don’t put four chairs in the room or two huge chairs, you can get a proper 84-inch-size sofa in the space, and you’re going to have more comfortable seating than if you had lots of small pieces that were ‘designed’ to fit in the apartment or small space. I would rather have graciousness than quantity,” said Nate. His advice? Take measurements.


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