Colour Trends: 5 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

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Colour Trends: 5 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019 ⇒ Colours and shapes are right at the soul of interior design. Nothing can ever be done without them, and that is why every year, there is a new array of colours leading the way – or our homes – when it comes to decor trends. This year’s colours are quite a unique bunch, and provide what we believe to be a very positive atmosphere in any environment they are in. Ready to meet them? – Follow  CovetED bellow!


Written by Patrícia Pinho


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Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Cantaloupe Moodboard


Cantaloupe is a beautiful melon-like colour described as a soft undertone of bright orange, lighter shades of red, and mellow yellow. Even though it is quite unique, it is also very versatile as it is a perfect cross between earthy and pastel tones.


Colour Trends 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Cushion from Home’s Society featuring a cantaloupe theme


In psychology, orange is known to be the colour of joy, freedom and happiness, which makes it a great addition to any home. It is also a hue that is known for creating a balance between our physical and mental bodies; inspiring feelings of calmness, bliss, and overall wellbeing.

As it is easy ti mix with other colours you can add it in big amounts of just a little appointments such as this Home’s Society cushion.



Mellow Yellow


Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Mellow Yellow Moodpboard


This bright and warm colour has a name just as soothing as his shade. Remeber those hot, now blurred in our minds, summer days? – That’s mellow yellow.

This sun-soaked and nostalgic colour has already been revived in fashion as the popular 1970’s mustard tone and is now being seen all over home design too.


Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Mellow yellow chair from Brabbu


This newly rewned yellow passion, much like Millennial Pink, has been largely driven by the younger generations and will continue to be seen all around. The best colour combinations for this type of hue are – brown, green, red, and neutral tones. If you want to make the yellow as the statement of the room, then neutral tones are your best bet, as you can see by the above living room design concept by Brabbu.



Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Cassis Moodboard


Cassis is a gender-neutral and modern colour, that combines pink and purple hues into one unique and impressive colour. It’s not enterily crushed blackcurrant neither a rich aubergine, but one thing is for sure, once in contact with the human eye, this colour envokes feelings of elegance, sophistication and wealth.

This hue usually resonates the most with Europe, the US, and Asia-Pacific, but we have reasons to think that soon enough it will be a love affair for the entire world!


Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Essential Home dining room design concept featuring a cassis theme


A fantastic way to use this colour in a fresher way at home is by combining it brown shades, neon mint, and black as you can see it in the picture above – a dining room concept by Essential Home. The result gives us a connotation of both decadence, and royal times.



Purist Blue


Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Purist Blue Moodboard


“Colour is stronger than language. It’s subliminal communication”, said the artist Louise Bourgeois about the influence of colour in our minds. The beauty of this is that colour can completely transform our moods for the better, and that is a great asset to explore in our homes.


Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Essential Home bar design concept featuring purist blue theme


In the case you purist blue we are instantly transported to the depth of the sea and vastness of the sky which automatically bring in us feeling of happiness, optimism and quietude. Blue has also been referenced for many centuries in old paintings as the hue that unites the heavens with the earth, the near with the far. Blue represents peace, meditation and escapism. It both grounds and uplifts us with its connotation to spirituality.


Tawny Brown


Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Tawny Brown Moodboard


If you have never heard about tawny brown, memorise this name because you will definitely start hearing it all the time. – Simply put, tawny brown is a darker shade of the Terracotta that combines red, orange and brown. How are designers adding this hue more and more to their design projects, you might ask? Well, this peachy autumn hue offers a warm and sophisticated feel to any room, which is a look pretty much evevryone would like to achieve!


Colour Trends: 7 Hues that Will Inspire You in 2019

Living room design concept from Essential Home featuring tawny brown


The word itself can be translated into “tan-colored”, and is associated with the brownish-yellow of tanned leather. It can fit pretty much any room and can be even decorated as a statement shade as you can see in the above picture of this living room concept developed by Essential Home.


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