Books We Covet – The Design Hotels Book 2017


Books We Covet – The Design Hotels Book 2017

July 22, 2017

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When it comes to Interior Design and Hotels there’s only an authority to consult: Design Hotels. Travel through 283 Design Hotels in top destinations like London, New York, Paris or Italy and Portugal. All the properties featured in a new edition of the legendary book will let you discover behind-the-scenes stories of the original hoteliers who brought them to life always illustrated with jaw-dropping pictures.

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If you are a design lover and a traveller probably you’ve been waiting for 2017 edition, that once again offers a world of stunning locales, provoking design, groundbreaking architecture, and beautiful photography. The best of new hotels you need to book, original experiences and a community of travellers that are looking for luxury, lifestyle and glamorous places all over the world.

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Inside its 500-plus pages, you’ll find 283 distinctive properties, 207 destinations worldwide, 35 bold new hotels, 10 in-depth features on influential designers and architects and endless striking photography.

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In The Design Hotels Book pages you will also meet the 10 formidable designers and architects topping the annual Influencers List 2017. These creative geniuses are changing the face of design today and the list this year includes iconic designers such as Anouska Hempel, the force behind London’s Blakes Hotel, and Edward Tuttle, the first designer to bring the concepts of individual expression and personal experience to a beach resort, and new stars in the design and architecture arena, such as Dimorestudio and Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

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