Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home ⇒ Home is where the heart is, but for many of us, it is where the living room is! Why? The living room is the space where you socialise, snuggle up, eat, and, sometimes, it’s even where you sleep (remember all those late nights when you cozily fell asleep on the couch?) – this is why the living room is the centre (or heart) of any home. What does this mean? It means that we all want our living room to be as comfortable and as inviting as possible. That is why, today, CovetED takes you through the 3 styles that will help you achieve a sophisticated looking living room (and home!).


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Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Waterfall Rectangular Suspension by Luxxu


We hear the word contemporary pretty much everywhere in the creative industries, but what does that mean in the world of decoration?

First off, let’s never make the mistake of confusing contemporary with modern, or, thinking that they are the same – they are not. Contemporary home decor, simply put, is an ever-changing and flexible decor expression that can be combined with other aesthetics such as traditional, modern, or rustic designs.


Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

The beautiful Pearl Rare sofa by Brabbu is a functional piece that gives a cosy feel to the room, while the Burj Chandelier by Luxxu is a symbol of modern age and luxury combined.


You can never say that contemporary designs are incorporated within modern living rooms, but the opposite is possible. This means that you can, indeed, find modern-looking living rooms that incorporate more contemporary decoration elements.

So how can you identify a contemporary-looking living room? Imagine a traditional living room that has a wider, brighter, and lighter, decoration style approach – that’s how a contemporary living room looks like. This often translates in the use of dark and warm colours, brighter and intricate highlights, coated or bare floors, compact heavy furniture that frees up the moving space; curving and moulding, to simple and plain lines or shapes.


Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Burj Chandelier by Luxxu


In short, a contemporary living room would be filled with a more neutral colour palette, sleek or plain lines where nothing is over the top. The overly decorative elements are replaced by more subtle options as a contemporary living room will always favour simplicity and cleanliness. An example of this would be a lower minimalistic sofa instead of a more ornamented one.

You can still add some statement pieces to your living room such as little touches of colourful or oversized art as oversized, colorful pieces; or a geometric wallpaper can very quickly make any living room feel more contemporary.




Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Via Pinterest


The modern design approach to living rooms – or to any division of your home for that matter – contrary to the contemporary one, is fixed and was created in the 19th century.

Nonetheless, modern designs are ever evolving and trendy nowadays. – It is often defined as uncluttered, simple, and with a minimalist sensibility. The colour palette can include pretty much anything, but white and bright colours, should always be the base.


Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Gable Sofa by Essential Home


In a modern living room you could, for example, use black as a contrasting (and monochrome) base, to which you can add a pop of color. Glass is also great details to add as it is a clean and simple motif.

Other elements that could be added to a modern-looking living room are; oversized tiles with rectified edges, sanded wood floors that minimize the grain, wall bookcases and shelves pullouts, open floor plans with few walls, lack of moldings trimming windows, use of metal.


Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Herbie Floor by Delightfull


A modern looking living room is, perhaps, the most calming and free-spirited design choice as there are no cluttered spaces. This type of decoration is meant to help increase the sense of space and relaxation in your home – or this particular case – living room!




Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Via Pinterest


The mid-century modern style was popularized the 1950s and has yet to leave–for good reason. Defined by simple forms, organic influences, high functionality, and minimal ornamentation, the style has an undeniably timeless appeal. Plus, with a few simple tweaks, you can easily infuse your living room with a mid-century modern vibe.

If you are wondering about the origin of the mid-century modern style you would have to go back to the 1050s. This decoration aesthetic is globally loved, and lives from – simple forms, organic influences, high functionality, minimal ornamentation, which, all combined – make this a style one of undeniably timeless appeal.


Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Kleo Cushion by Rug’s Society


In order to easily create a mid-century inspired living room, you can include; clean and clutter-free spaces, wood furniture and wooden trim (mostly made of teak), graphic or geometric wall art, starburst clocks metal mobiles, graphic patterns, and fabrics.


Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

‘Simba’ rug from the Geometric Collection by Rug’s Society


Whatever items you pick for your mid-century inspired living room, just remember that this style is characterised by minimal and clean lines, so you need to think very well about pieces should you use as a statement. Usually, you don’t want more than two items standing out from the rest in the living room; be it as a pop of colour, or more dramatic design piece. Everything must speak the same language – aesthetically speaking – and blend harmoniously with each other.


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