Bedroom Design Lessons from Top Interior Designers

Bedroom Design Lessons from Top Interior Designers

Bedroom Design Lessons from Top Interior Designers

March 22, 2019


Bedroom Design Lessons from Top Interior Designers ⇒ What exactly makes a bedroom design top-notch? We have investigated the work of some of our favourite interior designers and gathered what we consider to be the best representation of what they do. This way you can not only get inspired by their ideas but also learn what really elevates the design into greatness. – Follow CovetED on a design trip around the world’s most beautiful bedrooms.


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New York Cool


Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck

Bedroom Design by Rockwell Group for the Moxy Chelsea Hotel


The Moxy Chelsea Hotel designed by Rockwell’s Group the is the perfect example of how to create a bedroom that is sure to leave everyone in an ‘awe’ state.

The 349 rooms have been set up with botanically inspired designs as well as artful interiors. Not only that, but the dynamic duo also made sure to incorporate plenty of whimsical details while also paying close attention to space and functionality.

If you would like to create a room that is filled with a warm and open atmosphere then look closely at what the Rockwell’s Group did here. The use of a muted colour, wood-like floors, army-green mosaic tiles, as well as striped drapes – give the rooms a relaxed, welcoming, but still sophisticated vibe.

The cherry on top comes from the custom-designed and multipurpose furniture designs as well as the greenhouse-style windows which bring to the room lots of flattering natural light.


Everlasting Elegance


Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck

Bedroom Design by Marmol Radziner


As a regular guest of leading publications such as – Architectural Digest, Dwell, The New York Times Magazine, Wallpaper, Interior Design, and Architectural Record – Marmol Radziner is a must cover whenever showcasing the best design projects of the moment.

In this fantastic partnership with Lenny Kravitz,  Marmol Radziner created a room that teaches us how to do elegance in a practical way. The neutral colour scheme is classic and uncompromising make it a perfect option for a guest room. It’s not too feminine neither too masculine, also still giving out a modern and comfortable vibe.

The room has been optimised with lots of storage space, living the rest free and clean, for a more comfortable experience. Most importantly, the room has been decorated with a style that never really goes out of fashion; instead, it actually mutates into eternal elegance.

Old Hollywood Glamour


Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck

Bedroom Design by Michael Smith


Michael S. Smith has revived the beautiful old Hollywood elite’s favourite, Casa del Mar Hotel, and upgrade it with beautiful and luxurious amenities.

The biggest highlight was as expected  the multi-level Penthouse suites which are reminiscent of Italian seaside villas and feature eclectic Venetian-designed furnishings; a living room with a fireplace; a formal dining area; and either one, two, or three, bedrooms with separate sitting areas, giving guests the feeling they are in their own private, beachfront pied-a-terre.

The great design of these suites also comes from the custom designed alder and walnut furnishings that can be seen all over the room, in which a wide variety of hues and textures was used. You will also be able to find ebony finished pieces that contrast with the light blue walls, as well as furniture with caning, or raffia wallpapered bookcases.

We also love the bed choice in these rooms; the rich walnut four-poster bed which is enhanced by rich white linens, luxurious chenille throws, and a bisque-coloured ceramic garden stool located at its base rich elevates this room to complete sophistication. Other great design accents include; an etched and hand-silvered mirror, a selection of carefully chosen novels, and whimsical artefacts reflective of the property’s beach location; such as coral and vintage maps of downtown Santa Monica, inspired by an original print dating back to the 1930s.

In the each suite’s bathroom you can admire the gorgeous Italian Calacatta marble walls and floors which are combined with beautiful light fixtures (filled with silver leaf finishings); traditional pedestal sinks (with white porcelain fixtures); and finally, whirlpool tubs with frosted pan-windows that open into the guest rooms. – Absolute luxury at your feet!





Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck

Bedroom Design by Timothy Corrigan


Built between 1760 and 1764, this French Chateau is a complete time travel decor experience. – Timothy Corrigan has done a great job with the entire property, but we especially love how he captured perfectly a certain time in history with the work done in the bedrooms. – While most of the rooms are very formal, the subtle pops of colour, be on the walls or fabrics, keep the space looking far from a museum.

The chateau and its gardens are listed as French National Landmarks so it was very important to keep the high standard quality in the entire property. When Timothy acquired this impressive 18th-century estate, restoring was a priority given that the chateau was quite wrecked. Imagine the before of these bedrooms make the work done here even more outstanding as well as great inspiration for anyone going through a similar project.

In Timothy Corrigan’s own words – “I didn’t want the place to take itself too seriously. We’re not in a museum. The message is, we’re just having fun.”


Latin American Flair


Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck

Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck


This bedroom concept by the super talented Philippe Starck is the perfect inspiration for anyone looking for a bolder approach to bedroom design that still looks modern and sophisticated.

As one of the main French interior designers of the moment, Philippe Starck is known for his incredible vision on interior design as he is always able to create unique atmospheres such as the one above in the Hotel Faena in Argentina.

We particularly love the work done in the bedrooms as they completely resonate with the city where they are set in – Argentina. The bold red is reminiscent of the loud and happy latin temperament, while the white acts as the grounding colour that still brings a sense of peace and relaxation to the impressive room.

To top it all off, the furniture has been meticulously chosen in order to create an environment that unveils immaculate harmony.

Geometric Shapes


Bedroom Design at the Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires by Philippe Starck

Bedroom Design by Patricia Urquiola


This modern looking bedroom belongs to a series of bedroom designs done by Patricia Urquiola’s for the Hotel Les Cigales in Nice (France).

The inspiration behind it comes from Giannakopoulou’s origins: “xeno-dochio” which is greek for “a box that contains travellers” – in this case – a hotel. The architects’ interpretation of this translates into a narrative of geometric shapes appearing throughout the 6,000-square-foot, four-story property.

The bedrooms include; boxy daybeds, round mirrors, triangulated brass wardrobes, each one unique but all with Achille Castiglioni and Joe Colombo light fixtures. Even the throw pillows boast a grid of rectangles, making it all almost look like “an abstract painting of Nice.”



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