Bathroom Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance Luxury

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Bathroom Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance Luxury ⇒ The bathroom design world is a vast one; making sure you get your inspiration right is, therefore, very important for the success of your project. When we think of bathrooms there is one thing that comes to mind almost immediately: luxury. Remember all those beautiful hotels rooms and respective bathrooms where you have spent the night wondering how did you do it?  Well,  CovetED has all the tips on how to achieve that in this article!


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1. Add a Luxury Rug to Your Bathroom


Bathroom Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance Luxury

Bathroom Design by Maison Valentina and Rug’s Society


No bathroom can be complete without a rug. – While most people might fall into the habit of getting just any rug – our recommendation is that you put a little bit of more thought into it. Investing in a luxury rug for your bathroom is basically an instant and very noticeable way of adding a luxury feel to it. Nothing can be more rewarding than getting home after a long day, taking a shower, and letting your tired feet feel the soft tenderness of a luxury rug.


2. Invest in a Unique Mirror Piece


Bathroom Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance Luxury

Bathroom Design by Maison Valentina


After a rug, comes a mirror. This is another bathroom design piece that can never be absent.

It is not only useful, but it is also a quick way to make the bathroom area appear bigger as well as more elegant. When you enter a bathroom, the mirror is the first place where you are gonna look, so it is important that you choose it carefully. Plus, this is always a fantastic way to introduce some of your own personality in your bathroom design.

3. Colours, Patterns, Shapes


Bathroom Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance Luxury

Bathroom Design by Maison Valentina


Another fantastic way to bring luxury to your bathroom is by adding more texture and colour to it. From wallpapers to tiles or even innovative wall stickers – creativity is the way to go about it. For a luxury bathroom design, tiles are the right path to take, still, if you don’t want to cover the entire bathroom wall with a bold print, the patterned tiles can be used to create a point of interest on the walls or on the countertops.

4. Luxury is in the Details


Bathroom Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance Luxury

Via Pinterest


This one is a super easy tip to apply to the bathroom. As we all know, luxury is in the details so placing your daily routine products in a unique and elegant way, will make all the difference. An example of this could be placing your bathroom essentials in a stylish golden tray. – Metallics, natural stone, and marble finishes are the way forward when it comes to luxury bathrooms.

5. Make it Nice and Bright


Bathroom Tips: 5 Ways to Enhance Luxury

Bathroom Design by Maison Valentina and DelightFULL


Having a lighting fixture in the bathroom is a detail that makes a huge impact, especially, because not everyone has it. – A rustic chandelier or two industrial style suspension lamps that feature warm light tones can truly elevate your bathroom decor to a world of endless luxury.


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