70’s Chic Throwback: know how to get a truly Vintage Decor

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One of the top trending topics of the moment is definitely the revival of the 70s in interior design. The 70’s Chic Throwback is a definitive example of how the concept of vintage is coming back in strength. If you already have a mid-century decor style then adding some old-school elements from this decade will make it feel even more special. CovetED will be taking you through a trip to the past by giving you some hints regarding how you can apply this style into your house.


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As you can see from this mood board by TrendBook, there’s no doubt that vintage decor is definitely one of the strong points and trends this year. Despite the fact that what many haters remember about this interior decor style is the disco balls and the hot tubs in the bedrooms, there are a lot of wonderful elements that stand out from this time period.


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Among some of the top aspects, we can point to in general regarding this vintage decor style we definitely can’t miss elements such as the crisp, clean geometric shapes observed in the art, furniture and accessories. This had quite an influence in furniture design which is still felt today. Other interesting factors had to do with the shag carpets in excentric colours, an open floor plan (connecting divisions such as the living room, dining room and kitchen into one).




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These days there are many modern ways to obtain that very same style and apply it to your home decoration. Our first example comes from Charlotte, a stunning armchair with a contemporary look with vintage retro influences. It’s a customizable, polished brass and glossy black armchair which ends up being irresistible thanks to its looks and materials.


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Second up is the Marco Sofa, willing to bring forward the elegance of mid-century along with the sophistication of many other modern techniques.  It’s accented arms and beautiful unique design, accompanied by polished brass and glossy black feet, make it a unique product to liven up a mid-century living room.


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If you’re willing to serve a couple of drinks to your guests then the Baughman bar cart will successfully bring forward the feel of taking a sip during the 70s. With its practical wheels and retro luxurious design, along with a design which includes a structure in polished brass and walnut wood this little piece will definitely bring back the good old times to your home with some whisky to improve the mood.


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