7 Relaxing Wooden Bathroom Cabinets


7 Relaxing Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

October 29, 2016

When you are designing your home, you have to admit that cabinets are one of the major decorative components. It is obvious that its main function is to storage, but it also adds a lot to the design and appearance of the room, whether it is a bedroom, a living room or a bathroom. Taking this into consideration take a look at 7 Relaxing Wooden Bathroom Cabinets for a relaxed and soothing look.

Wooden cabinets are great for your bathroom because there are so many are different finishes that give warmth to the aura of the space. Here are some examples:

Bathroom Cabinets 10-brandt Bathroom Cabinets 7 Relaxing Wooden Bathroom Cabinets 10 brandt

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The Zen-inspired wooden cabinet has a very nice soothing appeal which ultimately provides a comfortable ambiance for a nice and quiet bath.

 With a more glamourous and grandiose approach, the big wooden cabinet with dark finishes gives the bathroom a traditional design and it will upgrade your luxurious space.

In this case, we can see a contemporary design for a bathroom, with a clever layout – it looks solid but can actually store items inside it – giving it a modern look.

bathroom cabinets

Through a combination of stone and wood, this darker wood cabinet offers a rustic option for your bathroom.

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Finally, this is a very clever option if you are not a big fan of having cabinets below your sink, and it is simply amazing.


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