7 Lighting Ideas that Will Make Your Yard Shine


7 Lighting Ideas that Will Make Your Yard Shine

October 28, 2016

Throughout this article, we will give you the best lighting ideas that are bound to make your yard shine brighter than a diamond.

Are you ready? Let’s start this illuminating journey together.

Mason Jar Lamps

lighting ideas

While shopping on staples or elsewhere buy some mason jars, as they serve as amazing lamps and will brighten up your plants. Look how gorgeous they are!

If you are looking for different shaped lamps, this may be what you need:

lighting ideas

It is not as difficult as it looks! It may take awhile but the results will make it all worth it. So to begin with, all you need is some plain white paper and nimble fingers to create a festive display, you will feel even more special because you were the one that did it. However, for safety reasons, select a string of c which doesn’t heat up.

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Cement holders:

cement holders

In order for your plants to be healthy and protected and your yard to be beautiful, you should definitely buy some cement plant holders from the nearest store and paint them with bold colors on the bottom. The result will be amazing!


Above you can see some gorgeous candle holders that are bound to make your yard shine! It will be so unique that your neighbours will be enraged with jealousy or come right over your door looking for the details.

Moving on, the following are perforated can lanterns:

can lanterns

This option is contemporary due to its DIY side. The Do It Yourself movement is trending! These are great lamp possibilities for your garden decor!

Recycled chandelier centerpiece:

lighting ideas

A great way to illuminate the centre of a table or some corner in your yard is to recycle some chandeliers and put them in there as beautiful candles.


Frosted Glass Jars:

lighting ideas

Here is something to think about, instead of throwing jars away why not turn them into lighting accessories by hanging a rope in your yard and put the jars on it with candles inside. It is a great lighting option and it is romantic and cosy to say the least!

Radiator covers:

lighting ideas

Radiators turned into lamps? As a result of the covered lighting, they absolutely make beautiful patterns.

Wine bottle lamps:

Wine Bottles

It is a great idea, but If I could suggest something, it would be far more inspirational if you were to drawn something on there and make it special and homey.

To sum up everything, these may be quite p lighting ideas but one cannot deny their beauty and how marvellously they would look in your yard. It is a creative way to decorate your place and it surely is much cheaper.

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