5 wonderful side tables to give a special touch to the bedroom decor

5 wonderful side tables to give a special touch to the bedroom decor

July 9, 2019


Sometimes it’s the little things that make a significant difference in a big element. Take the bedroom decor for instance: what would the bed be like without a wonderful side table to complement it? In order to give you some inspiring ideas about this little element which is always present in modern furnitureCovetED has decided to introduce you to five good examples of wonderful side tables that will certainly give that little touch of luxury your sanctuary definitely needs.



Botti Side table


Botti is a good example of an elegant side table with a shape that is pretty allusive to the lovely e hourglass shape. Not to mention the fact that it’s produced in gold-plated brass, and enhanced by a glossy black detail on the middle.

Koi Side table


Our second example is the Koi Side table. This one was a good example os something inspired in Japanese culture, more specifically in the fish Koi carp (a recurring symbol of the Japanese culture). This metalized styled table has a  base in brushed aged brass and a top made in black marble. The conjoining of these two elements is definitely sure to give an effective and elegant touch to any style of bedroom decor.


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


Sequoia Side table



This nightstand table is inspired by the Sequoia tree, which is one of the tallest and largest trees in California. So it’s no wonder that the Sequoia Side table is a good example of a product heavily inspired by nature and by the passing of time. Its base is very reminding of a tree shape not to mention that the base in brass with aged patina ends up becoming an element with a very special touch. If you want to bring the inspiration of nature to your home, this one is a very good example.


Frank Nightstand


Frank Nightstand is definitely one of the most original and unique examples we present to you today. It’s a successful mix of different aesthetics and tones shown in all of its four drawers, which makes it a wonderful storage convenient space for keeping many personal belongings beside the bed. This wonderful product by Boca do Lobo can be customized, however, the standard product comes with an ebony geometric mosaic veneer which is finished in a matte varnish and encased in a smoked glass box.


Konstantin Side table



Last but not least we have the Konstantin Side Table, presented as a wonderful example of Mid-Century done right. This refined and modern table has the advantage of having a gold plated tray added below the main table to give extra functionality to the furniture piece. This modernized table presents itself as having reduced shapes, combined with lovely clean lines and black elements. A minimalistic yet lovely touch to the side of the bed guaranteed.


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