5 Lovely Lamps that will give a Luxury Touch to the Dining Room Decor

5 Lovely Lamps that will give a Luxury Touch to the Dining Room Decor

5 Lovely Lamps that will give a Luxury Touch to the Dining Room Decor

July 10, 2019

Coveted Issuu

Any quality contemporary dining room with a quality decor definitely needs quality lighting to match. Lighting is definitely one of the most important elements in the decor of any room, so without a doubt, it has to be one of the most quality elements in the room, including the dining roomCovetED has decided to introduce you to five good examples of wonderful side tables that will certainly give that little touch of luxury your sanctuary definitely needs.





Our first example is the amazing suspended amp heavily inspired by the figure of Abbey Lincoln. This lovely lamp mixes gold finishes and black matte effectively giving this combo an interesting twist. It’s a good suggestion if you want to give a dramatic mood to your dining room along with a statement of quality modern design.


Brubeck Round



If you’d rather opt for a more mid-century styled chandelier to welcome your guests, then the Brubeck mid-century modern chandelier is definitely a good option to reach that vintage mood. Once again we have a good example of a piece inspired by a notable figure, in this case being American jazz pianist Dave Brubeck. The gold that defines this piece is a tribute to the sophistication this musician introduced in his work, in this case, reflected in the quality brass covered in a gold-plated finish.


Etta Pendant



Up next is the Etta Pendant, once again tackling the nostalgic and vintage factors an introducing them to its design. This luxury pendant light has a total of 20 different brass leaves, all of which were shaped and assembled by some of the best-skilled artisans. Thanks to its copper finish it manages to reflect a warm and soft light effect that will give a romantic ambience to the room. Truly a perfect option for the dining room decor if you want to either give it a softer mood or if you’re planning a special date night with someone special.




Galliano Round



Mid-century is always a top option regarding the dining room decor, so we bring you yet another example in that regard with the Galliano Round. The shapes revesting this wonderful piece are inspired by a pipe organ and it has a unique effect when the lights turn on:  the light is cast through its pipes creating a lovely effect felt all over the rest of the room. The combination of steel with the lamp shades in white matte are two of the main factors behind the incredible effect you can achieve with this lovely lamp.





Lastly, we present you the Kravitz chandelier, and yes, as the name implies, it’s inspired in the figure and work of award-winning rock star, Lenny Kravitz. Like our previous example, this lamp has a series of tubes in a circular pattern, only this time the designer intended it to be presented like a ball or a sphere. This unique piece has two distinct finishes that contribute to the lighting effect: a matte black on the exterior pipes and a gold powder paint within their interior. It’s the perfect example of a lamp that captures the essence of the big afro hairstyles which were popular in the 60s.


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