10 Splendid Bedrooms with Wooden Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are as practical as beautiful, with a simple push they make life seem so easier. They also give much more space to your master bedroom. Today, we are going to focus on 10 splendid bedrooms with wooden sliding doors. Get ready to be inspired!

Alamo Remodel


We start you off with this gorgeous bedroom. The sliding door goes very well with the wall’s colour. They look perfect and the windows above the side tables give the room a nice atmosphere.

Frisco European


A typical magazine or hotel room, the choice of linens and sliding doors seem really special. The wallpaper detail and the lighting make this bedroom modern and luxurious.

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Horse Ranch


This is a very nice way to use Sliding Doors. It adds more privacy between the bed area and the living area. Although it isn’t a large space, it makes up for how it actually looks beautiful.

Idaho Lake House


Another example that uses Sliding Doors to divide rooms. In this case, it’s used both as a door and a wall, enhancing de overall décor and offering a smooth separation between the bedroom and home office.

Irvington Master Suite


This attic bedroom has a rustic, sophisticated theme and the door completes this flow, providing a good environment, improved by lighting in the windows. It must amazing watching stars at night in this bedroom.

Manor House Stables


This is a master bedroom where new meets old. A great combination between modern and rustic looks make the décor come together. And how awesome is a stable sliding door?

Modern Showbiz


There are only 2 words to rate this bedroom: It rocks! It has a very modern design; the wall dressing cabinet is beautiful, with a nice Kurt Cobain poster and a big sliding door, remaining a little of Japanese style.

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Stone House


This bedroom is quite fascinating due to the contrast between the colourful décor and furniture and the wooden panel walls. The sliding door with exactly the same texture as the walls is a great touch.

Warren Mews


The brick walls give a little texture to the bedroom since almost all surfaces are plain and clean. In this case, the sliding door that opens to the bathroom looks like a cabinet door and it results in a nice smart design.

Historic Bungalow Renovation

sliding doors nathan cut

The sliding door is a good feature to this master bedroom, providing texture and contrast to the overall interior. Similar to the previous bedroom.

Feel free to tell us which one of these bedrooms with wooden sliding doors is your favourite. For more trends and information follow and subscribe to CovetED Magazine! In addition, watch the video below with an exclusive tour of our Covet House.

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