10 Cheerful living room ideas with plants

If you are looking for an extra flavour to add to your living room that is natural and simple to obtain, the answer is quite simple, plants. One thing you need to be mindful of is where you place your plants. If they are nurtured and are in an adequate place they will blossom and your home decor will increase by a significant amount. So, it would only be fitting for us to show you a selection of 10 cheerful living room ideas with plants.

Either it is Summer or Winter, a couple of plants is never too much of a thing. Cactus and succulents are the most popular choices as of right now, but there are so many other options. It is important to have a lot of green spaces in your home, and colourful surely do not hurt.


But how to add plants to a living area? Do you have a sideboard? Use it as the base for a plant holder.


Create a special corner with a varied mix of gorgeous plants.


Another way to have a fantastic living room design with plants is to spread them all over the room.


Place a large plant behind a modern sofa this way it gives depth to your room.


A mid-century modern ambience demands lots of cactus and succulents and it looks certainly stunning.


Plants with voluminous leaves are trending and concede a tropical vibe to your living room.

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Do not dispose of old furnishings, as they can be the perfect holders for your plants to sprout. Put them in the centre of the room.

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This idea is a great example of how to combine lighting and plants.


This living room displays a varied and sophisticated mix of furniture and plants.

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This one exhibits a simple plant that awards the space with a divine atmosphere.

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