Let’s check into the Restaurant Voyages at Morpheus Hotel

Let's check into the Restaurant Voyages at Morpheus Hotel

Let’s check into the Restaurant Voyages at Morpheus Hotel

July 24, 2019

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Voyages by Alain Ducasse has been generating some buzz not only at the Morpheus hotel but also around the internet. This restaurant presents itself as the perfect example of a trip through luxury complemented by a unique menu for all tastes. CovetED checked into this hotel in Macau in order to give you the insight of this wonderful restaurant.


All photo credits belong to: Interior Design | Eric Laignel


Inside the restaurant, at the Morpheus Hotel, the luxury sensation is felt as you stand in the entryway, a reception area complemented with a luxurious floor-to-ceiling, and a wall-to-wall expanse of burnished walnut to give a sensation of an immense room. Once you venture into Voyages by Alain Ducasse, you will be greeted with a 166 seating dining room, complete with a bar and a lounge.



The entrance is anchored by a huge circular bar decorated by bottles that give it the same sensation of looking at a central chandelier. According to Patrick Jouin, the firm responsible for the interior design of the restaurant, in declarations to Interior Design “It provides a stage setting for the barman.”



All around the establishment, there are two dominating colours: velvet and blue. The barstools are covered in emerald velvet and the lounge furnishings in golden amber. Blue, on the other hand, can be detected in the carpeting and banquette upholstery. The interior garden gives a little contrast to this combo by introducing a couple of greenery elements.


Floor Samples



One of the decoration elements in the restaurant that definitely catches many onlookers attention is the huge wall-size panel which looks like glasswork at first glance. It consists of an installation of 100 tiles adorned with playful drawings of food by French illustrator Léa Maupetit, accompanied by some suggestions of recipes and notes written by hand by Ducasse. A perfect example of the strength velvet occupies withing this project.



There’s also a lot of inspiration taken from Chinese celestial lanterns with the presence of large rounded-rectangle ceiling fixtures. However, we couldn’t go through with this article without mentioning the painting of a giant octopus made by Romain Bernini, in allusion to one of Asia’s most important foods to this day. This lovely animal managed to become somewhat of a mascot to the Voyages. Among some other top decorative elements found around the restaurant, we can definitely detect some bespoke pieces, like the chairs from Porada, the Bar Stools from Pedrali, and the Wallpaper made by Italian designer Antonio Lupi.



When it comes to the menu, French chef Alain Ducasse (known for having travelled around the world and taking on distinct cultures in his gastronomy work) provides a variety of options for the varied tastes. The menu has influences from China, India, the Middle East and Thailand. Guests will begin with a Negroni from the cocktail trolley and then move on to taste the variety of delicacies available.



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Floor Samples