Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say

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Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say ⇒ Are colours real? Do colours actually exist, or are mere individual perceptions of light waves? Although they’re not real in a physical, 3-dimensional way, it’s very difficult to argue their existence. In fact, we, as individuals, tend to perceive colours in rather different ways due to the nature of our brain activity and perception. For example, the dress challenge. Remember that striped black and blue / gold and white social media challenge? That’s probably the best example we could think regarding the nature of the unique way people see colour. The real question is, does this have any significant impact on the fashion industry? by Didia Sousa


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Some people see colours lighter than other, some darker, or even in different other shades. There’s an old Portuguese saying ‘’Á noite todos os gatos são pardos’’, which translates to something like ‘’At night, every cat is black’’, meaning that when is dark, things are harder to tell apart. Colours change when the light change, as the width of the light waves enlarges or shortens, changing the deepness of the shade. That’s why we have several different outfits for the various stages of the day. We have cocktail dresses, we have working outfits, we have brunch outfits, we have rainy days outfits, we have it all. Even the seasons have completely different tones. The same ones we wear in Spring/Summer aren’t the same ones we use in Fall/Winter. The importance of colour in fashion is quite inexplicable. One cannot exist without the other. Fashion without colour is like a ship without the captain. It simply doesn’t work.


Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say

Jeremy Scott


The importance of colour in fashion is so big, so deep and so intricate that they dictate what to wear. As usual, Pantone, based on the New York Fashion Week, forecasted the colours that will be massive trends in upcoming Spring/Summer. By analyzing the presenting designers’ choices, the Colour Institute can indeed predict the colours that will be trending for the upcoming seasons. Well, according to the grand masters of colour, we’ll have some party-worthy comebacks that will most certainly worm up the season.


Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say

Marcel Ostertag


Tropical Tones:


This will be a major trend in 2019. The good thing about trends is that they come and go, and come again. This is the case for the tropical hues. They were a major trend in the previous year, and they’ll make a huge comeback thanks to shades such as Pink Peacock, Living Coral and Mango Mojito.


Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say



Dancing Prone Colours:


An element of reflectivity and luminosity features in this dark to white range pulled from the colour spectrum, as a techno wave mood inspires. The depth of colour ranges with the final application, subtle through matte delivery to an enlightening experience to more brilliant and gloss finishes. Look out for shades such as Aspen Gold, Fiesta Red and Eclipse Blue.


Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say

Carolina Herrera


Fantasia Inspiring Hues:


A collision of colours emerges with a redefined vibrancy for synthetics and hybrid blends. Focus on a truly synthetic level of intensity and vivacity or you can opt for a pared-down approach by teaming with a more natural hand teamed with the neutrals. A fantastical and experimental colour palette, leading the way for change, whether it be subtle or full-on drama. Look for shades such as Princess Blue, Sweet Lilac and Turmeric.


Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say





With natural fibres taking a stronger position for the season, the vitality and brilliance that nature can also offer truly inspires. From intense blues to lush greens accentuated by energetic red tones, the key to this palette in keeping it sharp. A perfect palette to work with, delivering a refreshing and awesome approach derived from the unique aspects of nature. Look for shades like Pepper Stern, Terrarium Moss and Jester Red.


Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say

Vivienne Hu


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