The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow

The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow – As we enter a much-anticipated spring (we’re dying to get away from the winter’s cold), we have to start looking up to the future. And, as we know, fashion designers are always thinking way ahead. There are some really awesome trends for the upcoming seasons, we took the liberty to gather our 10 favourite 2018 Fall/Winter fashion trends, to help you keep your wardrobe updated. Check them out!


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Animal Prints


Know this: for autumn, fashion is really, really wild for animal print. From leopard to ocelot, zebra to tiger, wild stripes and spots covered the catwalks, exuding power and independence and shameless self-promotion in equal measure. The difference now? The boldest iterations insist on a head-to-toe policy. Dare yourself.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow


Dolce & Gabbana


The Leather Dress


Silk and velvet are all very well, but what to wear when you mean business? Increasingly, the answer from the autumn catwalks is a leather dress. Short and sassy at Miu Miu; ankle-length and utterly, deliciously irresistible at Loewe; shirt-shaped and smart at Hermès, Tod’s, and Givenchy, leather was everywhere, and overwhelmingly grown-up.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow



Joyous Capes


You can’t blame designers for taking the empowerment brief literally: with a renewed focus on crusading women in politics, film and fashion comes a fresh love affair with the cape. Beloved of superheroes, opera-goers and Capuchin monks, it’s the elegant update on the puffer your wardrobe never knew it needed. Take it sharp and structured, as seen at Loewe and Saint Laurent, or go cosy with Isabel Marant and Missoni’s blanket-like iterations.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow




Silver Surfin’


Future-proofing your wardrobe is as simple as investing in a slash of silver if Olivier Rousteing’s theory is anything to go by his biannual Babe Machine of a catwalk collection was on a Sci-Fi streak for autumn, as he imagined what women might be wearing in 2050. Get there first!


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow




The Tweed Season


Blame the Queen (again): autumn’s sleeper hit came courtesy of trusty, no-longer-fusty heritage tweed. Blown into exaggerated Eighties proportions at Marc Jacobs, rendered hyper-elegant at Chanel and Adam Lippes, and left to grouch and slouch away in supersize coat form at Miu Miu and Calvin Klein, tweed has a shapeshifting swagger for the new season, and the best part is, you can wear it with anything.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow





The Season of Throwbacks


Halston met Houston – Anjelica, that is – for autumn as numerous Janus-faced designers advanced via the past, referencing the Seventies and its various penchants for shearling, brown and crochet. Don’t fret: you have permission to make it sexy.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow


Louis Vuitton


Pleats Everywhere


From the chorus line to centre stage, here come the knife-pleats, high-kicking their way into your new season shopping basket with uncompromising attitude. Wear them with trousers (à la Valentino); wear them with chunky-soled creepers (Sacai); or wear them with a fluffy jumper and a bike chain of a necklace (Balenciaga) – just don’t wear them with a delicate blouse.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow




Silky Roads


Just when you were tired of the Princess Diana throwbacks, the Queen popped up at London Fashion Week, and with her came a whole stack of signature retro silk scarves. At Marine Serre, the young French designer had stockpiled and converted cliché French silks into gorgeous one-off dresses and handkerchief-hemmed skirts. At Gucci, Oscar De La Renta and Moschino, grandma’s scarf were blown up and recut in sinuous, slinky shapes. Make like HM and wear yours with a matching headscarf knotted at the throat – preferably with giant “talk to the hand” sunglasses.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow




Enter the Logo Wars


Declare allegiance. Whether it’s on your chest, waistband, or feet there is no escaping fashion’s blaring logos come autumn.


The Top 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Follow



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Source: Vogue UK


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