Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan

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Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan ⇒ From April 9-14, a new edition of Tortona Design Week, part of Fuorisalone, will take place, fueled by a mix of big names and new arrivals, product and service innovation, technology and tradition. This array of exhibitors, events, locations and activities has always embodied the broadest sense of Milan Design Week and it will remain that way this year. Full of surprises and new content, Tortona Design Week 2019 is a magnifying glass that focuses on contemporary life and the spirit of the times. Projects regarding research and technology show the importance of design and today’s society, explaining why this year’s theme is #DESIGNOW. CovetED brings you everything you can expect from this wonderful design event.


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Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan


Tortona Design Week 2019 is once again a reflection of reality, a narrative that offers the public an unprecedented perspective and interpretation of modern life. Through their projects, companies and designers offer ideas for interpreting new needs and understanding the direction taken by today’s design trends regarding new experiences, products and services. Experiments, products and synergies will be presented in a series of events combining an international dimension and the local realities of this vibrant urban area of the city.


Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan


To keep up with modern times, impressive innovative services have been created for the area to add a new dimension to this design story and facilitate public access and orientation. There will be an augmented reality system developed in collaboration with Sense – immaterial RealityTDW Infopoints, genuine landmark totems designed by Alfonso Femiaguest architect of the district; the new edition of Casello Giallo, a space celebrating fusion and hospitality; Architours, organized by the Tortona Area Lab Association in collaboration with AIM – Associazione Interessi Metropolitani; TDW Press Hub by DBOX, a press area inside the Magna Pars Hotel and Event Space; TORTONA TENSEGRITY: an installation on Largo delle Culture by Francesco Librizzi architect. Some of the protagonists of the 2019 edition are Fabio Novembre, Aldo Cibic, Ikea, Lexus, Honda, German Design Council, Corraini Edizioni, Delta Light, Novartis, Union Corporation, Keio University, and more.


Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan

Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan


Tortona Design Week 2019 has decided to add an innovative narrative method, accompanying visitors all along the exhibition route with a new system of interpretation: an augmented reality project developed in collaboration with Sense – immaterial reality. With just a few simple steps, when you point your smartphone at a marker in each exhibition location, you gain access to content that will allow you to immediately enter the heart of the project. The augmented reality service will also be present on all communication tools of the area, providing access, through a one-of-a-kind experience, to more information about the event. Tortona Design Week has chosen to use and promote a system that the design world itself deals with more and more each day when creating prototypes that allow an optimization of the production process.


Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan


Alfonso Femia is the guest architect of this year’s edition: he designed the TDW Infopoints, three genuine landmarks created as cardinal points of the area, marking the boundaries and coordinates of Tortona Design Week 2019. The volumes, with their peculiar and iconic profile, will become familiar symbols of the district, as well as an important tool to provide and share information. The first Infopoint will be located on the Porta Genova square, while the others will be on Via Tortona.


Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan


“A door, a portal, a gate, it is actually a “marker” of an area that is a real image of a city within a city. Via Tortona in Milan is an osmotic, pneumatic place when in its dense moments it welcomes and gathers ideas, people, looks and steps. Its interiors become exteriors, and its streets become squares. It is a system of colourful sheets folded to form a contemporary teepee. Each identifies a point on a map of different routes, hosting within it the thousands of names, words, images, designs and passions that transpire during a few days. This system within a system reacts to light on its different sides, created and produced through a generous dialogue of material, amidst light and shadow, pause and movement that dissolves in a point stretching toward the sky. It is ephemeral, real, virtual, and imaginary.” – Alfonso Femia


Tortona Design Week 2019 Will Bring Innovation To Milan


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