The Itinerary Of Maison et Objet 2020


One of the main reasons for you to visit Maison et Objet Paris 2020 is the Itinerary. By definition, the Itinerary is what turns the spotlight on today’s new workplace lifestyles. So join CovetED Magazine to start collecting all the important information and be fully prepared for one of the greatest design trade shows celebrations of the year and get to know all about this important part of the Maison et Objet 2020 program.


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You can start by saving the map with the locations of all the important areas. Save it in your Favourite lists because it can be your best friend while attending the event.


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Driven by new information technologies and a changing job market, work has gradually freed itself from the shackles of the traditional office setting. More nomadic, more informal and more enjoyable than ever before, today’s offices have been truly metamorphosed becoming veritable living spaces.


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From co-working spaces or spaces owned by large firms to cafés, restaurants and other spots where people are just passing through, these unconventional, enjoyable, carefully staged workspaces are rapidly becoming a must. Offices transformed into rich and diverse environments that are now fitted out… like our homes.


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To create these hybrid living spaces in which we can work, interact and recharge our batteries “just like at home”, these exhibitors showcase a highly innovative range of solutions that simply ooze style, whilst nonetheless addressing the various needs specific to the working environment.


The Itinerary Of Maison et Objet 2020 1''


Sustainability will come out presenting you with sustainable projects, made with natural materials, with a conscience and respect for Nature, something that is already an important trend. A trend that will be around us for the next years. Specially in our work spaces. Click HERE if you want some more information on The Itinerary or Maison&Objet.


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