The Best of Tortona Design Week 2019 

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The Best of Tortona Design Week 2019 ⇒ If you didn’t manage to visit Milan Design Week last week, this article is for you. A series of design events were held in town, and Tortona Design Week was one of them. Located in the streets of Via Tortona and Via Savona, this is the place where visitors come to experiment with fashion, design and food. – Follow CovetED and make a virtual tour of Tortona’s Design Week most interesting highlights!


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IQOS World by Alex Chinneck



Alex Chinneck‘s installation explores ideas such as – an old Milanese building ripped open by giant zips, Google’s A Space for Being exhibition, and an “anti-digital” pop-up bistro by Caffè Populaire.



In this case, not many words are necessary to describe its work. The images speak for themselves.


Lexus Design Event – Superstudio Più



“Leading with Light” is this year’s event by Lexus which was born out of a partnership with Rhizomatiks.

It’s not the first time these two big names collaborate. They also joined forces back in 2014, for the art and technology exhibition Media Ambition Tokyo.



Rhizomatiks is widely known for its imaginative use of technology in order to captivate audiences. This is exactly what happened in Milan during Tortona Design Week.



Inspired by Lexus’ future illumination technology, ”Leading with Light” is an immersive display featuring playful and dynamic lighting in which seemingly countless beams of light are manipulated to interact with the human form. Intelligent mobile companions intuitively lead the way towards an open portal that represents a future of endless imagination and innovation.


Asia Design Milano



After last year’s success, Asia Design Milano returns as the exhibition that gathers over 10 countries between the Middle and the Far East.

Born from the partnership between Sarpi Bridge Oriental Design Week and Milan Space Makers, this year Asia Design Milano proposed a new project focusing on Israel; a country where East and West meet.


“Design For All” by Lifetools



The Italian designer Nicola Golfari has created a series of household objects to help those with permanent or temporary physical difficulties and disabilities. 


This mirror has a moveable surface which allows users to direct the glass up or down depending on their needs


Each object in this collection is based on the principles of ‘Design for All’, a concept that believes in design respecting the diversity of users and being accessible to all. Not only that, but it also propels that design should be safe, functional, sustainable, affordable, straightforward, and appealing.


Quattroviti shower stool is a three-legged seat with a grippy silicone cover that can be stored in the corner of a shower



Over a Century of Lights: The Taylormade Innovation



Zonca International celebrated over a century of lighting creations through five days of exhibition and party. A definite highlight of last week’s events.




Ein & Zwanzig – World’s Finest Design Talents



Another highlighted was the international “Ein & Zwanzig” competition which supported talented young designers with innovating ideas and pioneering works in the area of interior design and lifestyle.



An international jury of experts from the design industry selected and awarded 21 projects from design students and graduates.


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