How Art Basel is Inviting “New Blood” to their Showcase!

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Art Basel Miami Beach is an event that, along with Design Miami, manages to gather the leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Within this event, there will be many masters of Modern and contemporary art showing off some of their best and most significant worksCovetED is going to show you how the event is trying to attract new blood on to the event.

Written by Bruno Silva

How Art Basel is Inviting "New Blood" to their Showcase!

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Over a dozen galleries will be joining the main Galleries’ section for the first time. Art Basel has accomplished this through the use of their new sliding-scale fee structure, which helped in the invitations for these “New Blood” talents.


How Art Basel is Inviting "New Blood" to their Showcase!


Chesterfield Armchair Boca do Lobo


How Art Basel is Inviting "New Blood" to their Showcase!


Among some of the rising talents that will be participating in Art Baselwe can include names such as Nicholas Party, Alex da Corte and Gertrude Abercrombie. This is a good strategy, seen that many of the main clients for this event consist of  70% to 80% smaller galleries. In a way, the event organizers will be contributing to their success. The organization has stated that more than a chance for young designers, Art Basel is a business. As they’ve stated to The Art Newspaper:


“This is a capitalist world. But if we are thinking of the art market holistically, it’s not a healthy place if there is no room for risk.”


How Art Basel is Inviting "New Blood" to their Showcase!


Not to mention the fact that there are many advantages to those who are showcasing on the event for the first time. The participants will receive a further 20% discount for their first year and then a 10% discount the following year. This is a unique chance for the artists of many areas to show off elements such as paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, films, and other editioned works.


How Art Basel is Inviting "New Blood" to their Showcase!


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