Decorex International 2019: Best Of Top Luxury Brands

Decorex International 2019: Best Of Top Luxury Brands

October 10, 2019


Although Decorex International 2019 has already come to an end, the trends launched by top luxury brands are here to stay and endure through 2020. CovetED Magazine gathered all the hottest news & trends and the best contemporary design from this esteemed design trade show in London and will show you the best of them. Scroll down to be up-to-date with what 2020 trends will be like.


For Decorex 2019, luxury design brand Covet House presented an incredible modern classic loft with the most curated selection of modern furniture.


Boca do Lobo at Covet House’s Stand


Boca do Lobo at Covet House’s Stand


Boca do Lobo at Covet House’s Stand



Boca do Lobo at Covet House’s Stand


Nightstands GIF Boca do Lobo


For four days at the Olympia, Boca do Lobo‘s pieces were showcased inside of Covet House’s stand. With the promise of being a never-ending source of inspiration for those that are truly seeking it, this stand holds a luxury furniture collection so exquisite that it will leave you absolutely stunned.

Decorex International 2019 Best Of Top Luxury Brands 1

Prisma stoll from Luxxu at Covet House’s Stand


Together with Boca do Lobo was also Luxxu with the most outstanding and sophisticated pieces, such as Prisma Stool (picture above) and McQueen floor lamp (picture below).


McQueen floor lamp from Luxxu at Covet House’s Stand


Wood Tailors Club has a complete dedication to detail and precision, conceiving a premium category of pieces. In order to tailor them, it’s fundamental to combine a set of highly technical skills in wood.


Decorex International 2019 Best Of Top Luxury Brands 1

Wood Tailors Club’s Stand


AB Design and Interiors is a collaboration between Annie and Anna, two childhood friends with a background in the arts and architecture respectively. Their philosophy is to design beautiful spaces tailored to each individual client, like the one at Decorex 2019.


AB Design and Interiors Stand


Founded in 2005, Riviere creates custom handmade rugs of exceptional quality; Their collection reflects a passion for modern classic design and understated elegance.


Riviere Stand


Each rug is unique – combining craftsmanship and creativity to produce pieces that are original, beautiful and will last for generations. In an increasingly mass-produced world, Riviere is proud to be part of a highly-skilled artisan tradition.


Riviere Stand


At Decorex 2019St James Interiors presents a bespoke design service, with every piece handcrafted by talented craftsmen in Great Britain. This design brand collaborates to present style and individuality to homes, private residences, modern hotelsprivate jets, and luxury yachts.


Palazzo Morelli Home Decor’s Stand


Courtyard Architectural Hardware‘s products are sourced worldwide enabling the brand to offer an immense range, from classic doorknobs through to bespoke decorative hardware in a wide variety of finishes. Excited to see it at Decorex 2019?


Courtyard Architectural Hardware’s Stand


Sahrai Milano’s Stand


Hope you feel inspired by these wonderful interior decor ideas spotted at Decorex International 2019. Keep following CovetED for the newest design news & trends.



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