CovetED Magazine's 11th Issue


Dear readers,
In today’s world, high-end consumers look for uniqueness. People spend money on products and services that will both add up to their status in society and with which they create an emotional link, products that tell stories, products they can talk about with their friends, that will make them feel special. It just happens that Craftsmanship is the best way of obtaining that. Craftsmanship links to emotions whilst Design brings it to a 2.0 level, meaning that Design makes the crafts fit for today’s world, and therefore, coveted. So creating products that solve a need or a problem and, furthermore, speak to the heart of a specific audience in a way that today’s world is looking for, is what luxury brands strive to accomplish.
In this Issue, we celebrate Design and Craftsmanship, both in Interior Design and Fashion. Let yourself be inspired by Designers and Projects, News, Events and special Inspiration & Ideas where Crafts take the central stage. I would like to highlight the Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit, which we attended to bring you the latest news in the industry. I am also proud to announce that COVETED is a media partner of the Covet International Awards, which will be taking in Paris, next January, announcing the best interior design projects of 2018 that celebrate the Arts & Crafts and timeless beauty.
Enjoy the summer, relax and get ready for the rentrée with CovetED’s News and Inspirations.
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