Highlighting the Major Exhibitions from Design Miami/ 2016

Following the end of this year’s edition of the leading venue, Design Miami/2016, we have decided to highlight some the best exhibitions, ranging from artistic creations to wonderfully crafted furniture. Displaying a new style, here are the best moments of the event.


Source: W Magazine

This astounding installation of a series of ceramic pieces is entitled Viewpoint and was created by Nicola Tassie. Each piece has two-dimensional interpretations due to its incised pattern.


Source: W Magazine

Deeply rooted in Mexican culture, Sobremesa is a design collaboration between Mexican-based studio Pedro & Juana and Airbnb. This interactive installation was created having in mind the casual gatherings with family and friends that happen around a dining table.

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Source: New York Observer

Louis Vuitton’s Fur Cocoon Chair was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana which is made from vacuum molded fiberglass and padded with lambskin.

design miami-4

Source: Artsy

Installed at the Friedman Benta booth, this mannered cabinet was developed by Misha Kahn and its main components are beach glass and woven grass.


Source: Artsy

This clustered design courtesy by Maria Pergay features two of her signature wave benches, lower positioned silver chairs, and a diverse range of tables. The french designer is known for her industrial work with stainless steel.


Source: Architectural Digest

The following project was developed by New York Gourmet and purveyors of fine food, Dean & DeLuca and German architect, Ole Schreen, which is led by authority and creativity and is entitled STAGE, a unique food retail concept.

design miami 7

Source: Wallpaper

These lighting sculptures were designed by Arnout Meijer and were presented by Victor Hunt Designart Dealer. They display geometric proportions and LED points.


Source: The Future Perfect

The Future Perfect booth featured Michael Anastassiades’s Triple Loop Suspension Series lights, alongside a marble red and white side table which were designed by Lex Pott. It also displays a glass sculpture, dubbed as Mane by John Hogan and a bronze polished sculpture, entitled Glitch 1 by Christopher Stuart, among many other artistic pieces.

design miami 9

Source: Wallpaper

Demonstrating a positive environment, Salon 94 featured many colourful cabinets, such as the Puglia cabinet which was bordered by tree vases and designed by Gaetano Pesce.

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Source: Artnet News

Belonging to Perrier-Jouët’s booth, this installation was designed by Andrew Kuddles and entitled Strand Garden. It features oak veneer columns which are holding a 3-D champagne bucket.


Source: CNN Style

Designed by the Haas brothers, this humoristic piece consists of furry Mini Beasts and were a part of the R & Company booth.

design miami 12

Source: CNN Style

Crafted in wood and glass, the Abyss Round Table represents the depths of the ocean and was created by Christopher Duffy and Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

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