Design Miami: Sobremesa a design by Pedro&Juana and Airbnb

Design Miami is set to start tomorrow and has an excelling exhibition catalogue so far. It would be fitting that on the eve of design’s leading venue, we would showcase one of the main collaborations the show will present this year. Sobremesa is a collaborative series between Pedro & Juana Design and Airbnb and consists of an interactive installation design. Let’s take a look at some of its characteristics.

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Connected to an outdoor space, the design from the Mexico-based firm, Pedro&Juana and Airbnb will provide a gathering space that is built like a house. Visitors will be able to converse with each other as well as collaborating since anyone can actually add a number of colourful tiles to the project. The designated display will also offer cocktails and music. The latter will feature a curated playlist of Mexican artists, such as Los Sanjatos, Trio Martino, Rulo, etc.  Sobremessa’s interior is brimmed with artisan pieces and objects from Mexico City.

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Being deeply influenced by Mexican culture, its literal concept would be over the table which is about the casual interaction that happens between and after a meal. The main purpose is to not rush but enjoy the moment, to connect with someone on a deeper level. Co-founder of Pedro&Juana, Mecky Reuss, disclosed, “It is something special to Mexican and Spanish culture that can be enjoyed by people everywhere.”

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Overall, the designers intend is to explore the concept of shared living, Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo, co-founder of Pedro&Juana stated that “A lot of our work examines social spaces and how individuals interact with the built environment. Working with Airbnb on this project is a great opportunity for us to build on this experience while also exploring elements of our home city, Mexico City.”

Prepare yourselves for tomorrow’s event as it is slated to be quite promising. For more information about Design Miami, please visit the following website. In addition, For more trends and information follow and subscribe to CovetED Magazine! Feel free to watch the video below with an exclusive tour of our Covet House.

Source: The Architects Newspaper



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