Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home

Top 3 Best Living Room Styles For a Sophisticated Home ⇒ Home is where the heart is, but for many of us, it is where the living room is! Why? The living room is the space where you socialise, snuggle up, eat, and, sometimes, it’s even where you sleep (remember all those late nights when you […]

5 Styles of Dark Color Master Bedrooms Full of Elegance

5 Styles of Dark Color Master Bedrooms Full of Elegance ⇒ If you love Dark Colors, then you certainly desire a Dark Colored Master Bedroom, are we right? For that reason, CovetED decided to present you with 5 Inspirational Dark Color Master Bedrooms for you to take some decor notes!   ⇒ Subscribe to our Newsletter and be up-to-date with CovetED Magazine ⇐ […]

Master The 14 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Master The 14 Most Popular Interior Design Styles ⇒ From contemporary to rustic, the list of different interior design styles that can go on forever. Lack of understanding or vocabulary to describe their personal interior design style is a challenge faced by many people, so today CovetED brings you a quick and simples explanation of the […]

The Winners, The Highlights and The Styles of The Oscars 2018

The Winners, The Highlights and The Styles of The Oscars 2018 – The winners of the 90th Edition of the Oscars – The Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were announced yesterday at an elegant ceremony in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Join CovetED to know the list of winners and to discover […]

Coveted’s Exclusive Interview With Vila Vita Parc’s Team

Coveted’s Exclusive Interview With Vila Vita Parc’s Team ♦ Coveted presents the amazing and exquisite behind-the-scenes of Vila Vita Parc, one of Portugal’s most precious luxury hotels. In these exclusive interviews, discover everything about the experienced team that we’re about to unveil!     António Pinto – Wine Cellar’s Team Secrets From Portugal’s Exclusive Interview With […]

Be Inspired by The Black Interiors Design Trend

Black is still the colour that matches everything, remaining one of those colours that is elegant and luxurious. It brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture. With this design trend, you will elevate your living room design. CovetED has decided to show everything you need to know about this amazing interior design trend and how to style it. Enjoy!     […]

Interior Design Tips: The Perfect Colour For Summer

With Summer finally here, most people want to re-do their home decor and explore new design trends and ideas. Terracotta is a warm, natural, rich and full-bodied colour and it can complement many interior design styles. That’s why, today, CovetED brings you some tips and inspirations on how you can style your home this summer […]

Be Inspired by the Best Interior Designers in Paris

The City of Lights is a great source of inspiration for all things related to design. Some of the best interior designers in the world are based in Paris, resulting in a great concentration of design inspiration and high-quality products. That’s why, today, CovetED brings you our choices for the seven best interior designers in […]

Have a look at this preview regarding the Las Vegas Market 2019

The best way to define the Las Vegas Market is by referring to it as a unique world-class experience which gathers exhibitors, designers and buyers all in one spot, more specifically at the World Market Center Campus. CovetED will be giving you some previews you can expect from this first edition of this furniture event. […]

Inspire yourself with the work of 20 Best Interior Designers in Berlin

Berlin, capital of Germany, is also known for being “the capital of cool”. It’s no wonder it earned its nickname, see as this city is also home to some of the best top interior designers the world has ever seen. CovetED will be taking you on a trip through the best that this lovely city can provide you in […]

5 Lovely Lamps that will give a Luxury Touch to the Dining Room Decor

Any quality contemporary dining room with a quality decor definitely needs quality lighting to match. Lighting is definitely one of the most important elements in the decor of any room, so without a doubt, it has to be one of the most quality elements in the room, including the dining room. CovetED has decided to introduce you to five good […]

Have a look at 5 luxury lamps to enhance your Bedroom decor

Even within the comfort of the Bedroom, there’s no doubt that lighting is a crucial fact. Be it natural or artificial lighting there’s no doubt that a well-illuminated bedroom provides the extra comfort we need especially in visual terms. What better way to obtain that fell than with the use of lamps? CovetED is continuing this journey through […]

20 Top Interior Designers From L.A. With Amazing Design Skills

Besides its amazing sunny weather and great beaches, L.A. is also known for its top interior designers. That’s why, today, CovetED brings you 20 of the best interior designers based in Los Angeles. These 20 designers have stood out thanks to their amazing abilities to establish the most incredible interior designs and settings. Enjoy!   Atelier AM […]

10 Home Decor Ideas By The Best Interior Designers In The US

For many years, the United States has been a huge source of inspiration for the world, and that also applies to the design world. Thanks to its rich culture and innovative interior design, every day we are inspired by what comes from the US. That’s why, today, CovetED has picked 10 home decor ideas by the best […]

CovetED’s Exclusive Interview With Miguel Alonso, Master Artisan at FRESS

Miguel Alonso is a carver and one of the master artisans of the Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation (FRESS). The Foundation has the goal of preserving and promoting the know-how of Portuguese decorative arts. The Foundation was present at the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019 on the panel ‘Present and Future of Craftsmanship’. CovetED has the pleasure […]

Discover Villa Hibiscus Beach House, The Boho-Chic Dream In Algarve

The VILA VITA Collection, with five exclusive villages of privileged location by the sea, increases its range of offer with the arrival of Villa Hibiscus Beach House, which surprises for its very chic boho style and designs in a full differentiator concept. CovetED is here to let you know all about the amazing Villa Hibiscus […]

Interior Design Tips: discover the possibilities of the Terracotta trend

Today CovetED is back to talking about some of the top trends that you need to keep an eye on. In this unique design moodboard created by Trendbook we will be letting you in on all about the Terracotta trend colour. Join us on this small trip through one of 2019’s top interior design trends which is taking over many interior […]

Be Inspired By The 10 Best Interior Designers Based in Paris

Paris is famous not only for being the fashion capital of the world but also because it is the birthplace of modern interior design. Paris has been placed on a pedestal on the world’s stage for its artistic savoir-faire – for fine cuisine, exclusive wine, and outstanding fashion, the French capital is famed for its expertise […]

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