Kelly Hoppen’s 3 Luxury Yachts Shake Up The Design World

Kelly Hoppen’s 3 Luxury Yachts Shake Up The Design World ⇒ Considered one of the top interior designers in the world, Kelly Hoppen has branched-out her projects and designed three stunning yachts in partnership with Pearl Motor Yachts. Her simple yet opulent style is the perfect match for a yacht interior design. CovetED takes you inside these examples of amazing design.

Written by Daniel Nolden


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Kelly Hoppen's 3 Luxury Yachts Shake Up The Design World


Kelly’s ever-evolving style is underpinned by a subtly coordinated fusion of East meets West; clean lines and neutral tones, blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence. She started her career with just 16 years old! She had the opportunity to design a family friend’s kitchen and, for that work, she received a modest commission, but that money and the experience itself helped Kelly’s grow her career as an interior designer and, later, as a strong product designer. Hoppen grew a lot since them and, currently, she’s one of the Top British Interior Designers of the World and a Champion of Women’s Rights in the Industry. She’s a strong Role Model for the Industry and it has been involved in hundreds of luxury design projects worldwide.


Kelly Hoppen's 3 Luxury Yachts Shake Up The Design World


You may not know this, but Kelly Hoppen is also a Yacht/ Boat Designer! That’s right, Hoppen is so talented and versatile that she even designs interiors for some of the top luxury yachts on the planet. Kelly Hoppen was hired by Pearl Motor Yachts to create three stunning yachts designs for the Pearl Series: 65, 75 and 95.


Kelly Hoppen's 3 Luxury Yachts Shake Up The Design World


In all three vessels, Hoppen produced stunningly calms interiors by using her well-known effortless style. The end result is a luxurious styling and outstanding levels of comfort provided by this expert designer. These are bound to satisfy the needs and desires of any owner.


Kelly Hoppen's 3 Luxury Yachts Shake Up The Design World


If you think that Yacht Design is Impressive, then get ready to get to know one of the biggest projects of Hoppen involving boats. Kelly Hoppen joined forces with Celebrity Cruises to create a stunning design for a new cruise ship. She’s named him Celebrity Edge and it’s a vessel with an innovative new art as well as a revolutionary design to match.


Kelly Hoppen's 3 Luxury Yachts Shake Up The Design World


Celebrity Edge has 1,500 Suites designed by this famous British designer. This is a good example of a ship in which Kelly Hoppen’s style can clearly be seen through the neutral palettes with little touches of bright colours. Not only that, but the vessel also has a classic and timeless style, exuding harmony and elegance for the guests.


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