World’s Fastest Electric Surfboard from The Lampuga

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German-based surfboard producer Lampuga, encourage us to meet the highest waves on the ocean through The Lampuga Electric Surfboards. The amazing board has an electric jet engine, that is producing 15 hp, it can propel you at speeds of up to 32 mph for sessions of up to 35 minutes. A combination steering belt and thrust control keeping you in command, while the emergency stop system promises not to leave you stranded in the event of a major wipeout.


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This electric surfboard starts a new era on the water, and from now on, there is no tolerance to the noisy engines of previously powered ones, the new electric boards are here to stay. These brand-new powered boards are quiet, fast, agile, lightweight due to their carbon fibre construction and maintenance free so perfect for yacht or leisure use. The lithium-ion batteries also eliminate the need to carry fuel onboard.

It is available to charge in two hours with included 30-amp charging station or an hour with the available 60-amp version. In addition, the board is designed to be virtually maintenance- and hassle-free. The motor is integrated into the board’s structure, and a bolt-on access panel on the tail lets you inside to check and change the jet drive seal should the board start taking on water.


Lampuga-Boost-Electric-Surfboard-3 surfboard World's Fastest Electric Surfboard from The Lampuga lampuga surfboard

Lampuga has set up a dealership network in various European countries and the United States for this luxury board with the €15,400 price tag, which includes the 30-amp charger, a carry bag for the board, an accessory bag and a maintenance kit.

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