The Best Destinations for a Sunny Christmas

If you are one to prefer the sun over the snow, we have a few suggestions for your next holidays’ vacation. From beautiful Australia to tropical Kauai, your Christmas is bound to be a ray of sunshine. Here are the best destinations for a sunny Christmas.


Sunny Christmas-in-Australia

Exchange a snowy Christmas for a sunny one in Australia. To switch things up, celebrate it on a warm beach, you can replace the snowman for a sandman, you won’t even tell the difference. You can also enjoy the company of kangaroos or you can go diving with colourful fish on the Great Barrier Reef.



Characterised by its tropical nature, Kauai is one of the best destinations to spend Christmas. Amongst the main activities are the festival of lights, a parade, and hula concerts. Surfing and sunbathing are brilliant ideas, especially in Poipu Beach. It is also the season of whale watching.

Canary Islands


Showcasing a phenomenal coastline of 900 miles, the Canary Islands, in Spain, are exactly what you need for this holidays’ season. Explore the island’s volcanoes and spectacular wines. In addition, one can also go sailing on the Adventure Under Sail on an eight-night cruise.


sunny christmas thailand

This Christmas, enjoy the stunning islands of Thailand. The country has amazing beaches so you can benefit from a warm climate and delicacies for you to devour. On another note, you can also be amazed by the diverse wildlife and as well as striking Buddhist temples. If you are a fan of yachting, you can sail to the Similan Islands.

Sri Lanka


Displaying an abundance of wildlife, the culturally enriched Sri Lanka offers incredible walks through the jungles, divine sunsets, and you can also visit the Nala National Park where you can be in contact with leopards, monkeys, crocodiles, etc. For a comfortable price stay at the Green Rooms which is quite eco-friendly.

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United Arab Emirates


Visit the largest city of the UAE, Dubai where you can savour the ultimate shopping experience. You can also go ice skating or stopover to Dubai’s Aquarium which ranks as one of the largest tanks in the world. If this wasn’t enough, you can appreciate all the aesthetic creations spread out through the city.



Travel to the exotic land for an exclusive 8-days tour, entitled “Christmas in Moroccos” where you can appreciate from camel trek through the Sahara desert, a tour of Marrakech, hidden palaces, an exotic pink city of snake charmers, among many other luxuries.

Bora Bora

Sunny Christmas bora-bora

Spend this Christmas in the Polynesian Island, Bora Bora and be delighted by aquamarine lagoons and a striking Barrier Reef. Furthermore, take advantage of the islands’ tranquil prestige to enjoy glamorous spas and tropical landscapes. Christmas will never feel this relaxing.

The Maldives

sunny christmas the-maldives1

Considered to be one of the most heart-stopping locations, the Maldives offers pristine beaches and crystal clear waters amid the warm weather. Stay at the Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort where you can experience a one-of-a-kind, Christmas Eve, counting with bungalows, lobsters, buffets, singing carols, and much more.


sunny christmas barbados

Relish the turquoise waters and white sand beaches for a sunny Christmas in Barbados. The Country’s capital, Bridgetown is all around decorated with stunning red and green ornaments displaying various themes of the holidays. You also have to try their specialities, such as jug jug and great cake.

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Care to tell us which destinations is your absolute favourite to spend a sunny Christmas. For more trends and information follow and subscribe to CovetED Magazine! In addition, watch the video below with an exclusive tour of our Covet House.


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