Suite Infante Sagres – a luxurious place to stay in Oporto


Suite Infante Sagres – a luxurious place to stay in Oporto

June 23, 2015

Covet Edition found a luxurious top hotel suite in Oporto. The top hotel is called Infante Sagres and it has a sophisticated interior design project with beautiful pieces when you enter the lobby you feel like you are entering a movie scene hotel. The Hotel has been designed in the 50s by architect Rogério Azevedo dos Santos, the building is considered an architectural landmark in a time when the city was turning towards modernism.The facade of the building is antique and the location is perfect since it’s in the middle of the city. A great touristy place to be in and enjoy the great environment surrounding Oporto.

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This suite is special because it is a partnership with a major hotel and a luxury brand called Boca do Lobo, this collaboration lasts for five years. The project has been a success and undoubtedly Boca do Lobo pieces bring a luxurious sense and brightness to this suite. The reviews of the clients of the hotel are overwhelming:

“Are the details that remind us that in the midst of so much comfort, we are in a special place?”


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This project has the hallmarks of designer João Matias getting a harmonious mix of the fashion world and ambient hotel brand philosophy which gives hotel guests a true experience of design.

Covet Edition had access to an interview to the designer of this space, João Matias.

Hello João. How would you describe your style / design concept?

Our design is bold, but simple, with great attention to detail. We will also add a touch of irreverence and unpredictability to our pieces.

Where does the inspiration for this project?

We wanted to extend the concept of the hotel and give your suite the only touch of Boca do Lobo, paying attention to the smallest details, from the lighting to the smell of the room.


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What was the feeling you were hoping to achieve?

The Infante Sagres Hotel welcomes people from different countries and cultures, and so we wanted to create an environment that could be enjoyed by anyone. Everything was carefully selected, our furniture, even the smallest details of the room, ensuring guests a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, however, provide them with our unique design experience.

Do you expect that guests will experience that?

We want to create an impact when someone enters the room and let our brand through the use of our furniture and selected brands that we admire. However, we aim to create a cozy atmosphere that “translates” the taste and values of Boca do Lobo and this is passed to the guests, making them want to come back.


What were the biggest challenges you faced when designing the space, and also in the implementation of their ideas?

We wanted to preserve original marble walls of the bathroom and the floor, but we were not allowed to intervene in the process of renewal. However, as deep as we could in the process of architecture and interior design, and we are very happy with the end result, with or without the original marble finishes.

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There was some particular trends there influenced your design? The extent to which trends influence your designs?

Our design is not influenced by any particular trend at a given moment in time. Although the design and cultural heritage of our country plays an important role when developing new products and working on new projects, we tend to avoid the creation of “barriers” to our creative process, and it shows in our parts and projects. In fact, even we have been considered trendsetters by trend forecasting agencies such as Nelly Rodi.

How long does it take to bring this project from concept to completion? It was a fairly quick process, taking up to 12 weeks from start to finish. But we see it as an ongoing project, as it gives us great flexibility to tweak and improve the suite. In Valentine’s Day, for example, we did a special 50 Shades of Grey guests who were staying in the suite on the week of Valentine and the response has been great!

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For Covet Edition to decorate a house we love the design of this luxury suite as an example! What do you think?


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