Luxury Sailing Yacht “Nadir”: A Racer-Cruiser for Long Distance

Nadir Sailing Yacht is one of the most luxury yachts, which has been designed with the purpose of creating a racer-cruiser capable of long distance, sailing in comfort and style but without compromising the speed. Two renowned yacht designer Marco Ferrari, and Alberto Franci have worked together once again on the luxurious yacht meant to be a beautiful racer-cruiser that fascinates everyone.

Luxury Sailing Yacht Nadir: A Racer-Cruiser for Long Distance-1

Luxury Sailing Yacht Nadir: A Racer-Cruiser for Long Distance-2

The interior design of Nadir Yacht has created in the best way, including 7 luxury cabins: a master cabin for the owner forward and three cabins for the guests with heights of 2,20 m, for a total of 8 guests. The crew area is located aft and presents 2 cabins, plus a cabin for the captain with direct access to the cockpit. It includes also a galley connected directly with both the dining area in the main salon and the crew mess aft.

Luxury Sailing Yacht Nadir: A Racer-Cruiser for Long Distance-3

The innovative feature of this beauty is the surface of the deckhouse, which is cut in many small surfaces that together create the final surface like a mosaic. This creation could be optional, plus the drawing on the deckhouse that could be modified according to the owner. In the stern, a tender garage hosts the service tender.


Luxury Sailing Yacht Nadir: A Racer-Cruiser for Long Distance-4

Luxury Sailing Yacht Nadir: A Racer-Cruiser for Long Distance-5

The gorgeous yacht presents also a carbon fiber sloop rig and the sail plan consists of main, and stay in sailing, moreover a genoa with the possibility to use an asymmetrical spinnaker all made in 3DL. The draught measures 5,5 meters with the keel down to give more stability under way, while at anchor the draught with keel up is 3,5 meters.


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