Four Seasons, Four Popular Travel Destinations For 2018

Four Seasons, Four Popular Travel Destinations For 2018 – There is an ideal travel destination for each season. Join CovetED for our suggestion of Popular Travel Destinations for each and every single season of 2018.


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 Four Seasons, Four Popular Travel Destinations For 2018


Spring – Paris, France – Not too hot, not too cold. In springtime, Paris is just the right temperature for your visit! As one of the main cities in Europe and in the World, Paris is a tourist hot spot all year long, but you can best enjoy all the wonders this city has to offer in Spring. It’s at this time that the stunning and opulent gardens of the Palace of Versailles are the most beautiful. It’s also the best time to stroll down the iconic ChampsÉlysées that, by Springtime, have their amazing trees flourishing.


 Four Seasons, Four Popular Travel Destinations For 2018


In Spring you can enjoy the full Natural element of Paris and you can enjoy the best and clearest views from the top of the Eiffel Tower or the iconic Giant Wheel. It’s also a perfect time to visit Paris most celebrated museums and themed parks, like the stunning Disneyland. It’s needless to say, but Paris, as one of the most lavish cities in the world, offers a whole range of excellent fine dining restaurants, like the Restaurant Guy Savoy, and amazing five-star hotels, like the classic Hôtel Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris . That’s why Paris will always be one of the most Popular Travel Destinations of the world.


 Four Seasons, Four Popular Travel Destinations For 2018


Summer – The Seychelles – It’s one of the worlds less kept secret, so that’s why everyone knows about this African archipelago. Even though it’s a popular tourist destination for years, the Seychelles still remains as one of the most luxurious and sublime Summer vacation spots on the planet. With their miles and miles of pristine and nearly deserted beaches, amazing and pure crystalline waters, worm but soft weather and incredible resorts, the Seychelles top every year’s list of Summer places to visit. There are many luxurious resorts on the 115 islands that compose the Seychelles, but we recommend the 86-villa Raffles Praslin. For us, it’s the ultimate luxury seaside resort and one of top popular travel destinations of Africa!




 Four Seasons, Four Popular Travel Destinations For 2018


Autumn – Oporto, Portugal – Named one of Europe’s Top Destinations for Short Stays for several years in a row, including 2018, Oporto is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s leading touristic cities. It’s easy to understand why. This historical city has a lot to offer. From important monuments, amazing buildings, spectacular streets, incredible food and a booming hospitality sector, Oporto is one of the most balanced vacation spots you’ll ever find in Europe. You can either enjoy a relaxing stroll through one of the many parks of the city, have a sunset drink near a cosy beach or do some shopping on one of the many busy streets of the city center, You can practically do it all in Oporto and, since it’s such a small town compared to major cities like London, Paris, Milan or Madrid, you can do it all in a short time. You won’t have any trouble finding a spectacular Hotel for your stay, because Oporto is extremely rich in luxury Hotels, like for instance the amazing Infante Sangres Hotel that’s located in the historical centre of Oporto.


 Four Seasons, Four Popular Travel Destinations For 2018


Winter – Yamanouchi, Japan – If you love animals, namely monkeys, we at CovetED recommend you embark on a trip to one of Japan’s most extreme and remote places, the isolated Yamanouchi town, where you can find the unique and amazing Shiga Highlands Monkey Park or the stunning sky resort Shiga Highlands. It’s here you can see the rare Snow Monkeys at Shiga Highlands or enjoy an amazing ski activity through the popular Shiga Highlands area, that’s considered one of the most beautiful places in Japan. If you prefer to relax in a cosy and luxury hotel, then you are in luck, because Yamanouchi has several quality hotels and hostels that will provide you with a unique winter vacation experience.

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