Bulgari Hotel Milan: the perfect place for a perfect Christmas Eve

Bulgari Hotel Milan is preparing everything to welcome the festive season and its guests, providing them with a luxury combination of experiences, special events, custom menus, and much more. From tea time to truffles, special Spa selections to Christmas Eve and New Year’s festivities, everything will be prepared in detail to provide you all the comfort, luxury, and joy during these festive days.

Bulgari Hotel Milan

The Bulgari Hotel Milan is located right in the heart of the commercial and cultural city centers and nearby the Botanical Garden, which serves as a kind of complement of the hotel’s 4,000 square meters private garden.

Bulgari Hotel Milan

The garden itself is an astonishing place for relaxation and tranquility, it is like an oasis in the very center of the city. A local where you can go for long walks and enjoy some time in the middle of nature.

Bulgari Hotel Milan

Alongside the spectacular exterior spaces and the surrounding areas, the hotel interior is also a wonder. The interiors were designed by the architectural and design studio Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners, reflecting the imagination, inspiration, and talent of the design team.


Bulgari Hotel Milan

The interiors are furnished with the best quality materials including Black Marble from Zimbabwe, Vicenza Stone and AfyonWhite Marble, Teak Wood, and Oak. These and other precious materials combine together to create unique textures and chromatic harmonies with a slight balance of the spatial rigor of the design and the elegance of the atmosphere, highlighted by the details and luxury furnishings.

Bulgari Hotel Milan Bulgari Hotel Milan Bulgari Hotel Milan

The Bulgari Hotel Milan provide its guests with 3 different room options, the superior rooms, the deluxe rooms and the Premium Room, along with  5 suite options which are available as Junior Suite, Superior Suite, Deluxe Suite, Premium Suite and The Bulgari Suite.

Bulgari Hotel Milan

Each of them has costume designs and different decor themes so, the offer is varied and the difficulty is to choose the best room or suite wisely, in order to enjoy a charming and very special stay.

Bulgari Hotel Milan

The Superior Rooms are lined in light oak paneling with a cream colored theme and they are furnished with comfortable king-size beds and with details of the unconditional expression of made in Italy.


The Deluxe Rooms include a large walk-in closet and they are available in two options: with a comfortable king size bed or with 2 queen size beds.These rooms have a spectacular view over the beautiful garden or the charming Milanese courtyard.

Bulgari Hotel

The Premium Rooms are larger than the Superior and Deluxe rooms and, yet, they have the same splendid view.

Bulgari Hotel Bulgari Hotel

In the Hotel’s Website you can find all the information you need about the suite rooms as well as the astonishing restaurant and Spa. Just take a look and you’ll not regret it!

Bulgari Hotel Bulgari Hotel

Photos Courtesy: Bulgari Hotel Milan


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