Get on Board An Exclusive Tour Through the Best Port Wines

Get on Board An Exclusive Tour Through the Best Port Wines

June 29, 2018

Get on Board An Exclusive Tour Through the Best Port Wines ⇒ Visiting the city of Porto means knowing Port wine. It isn’t enough to taste it, you must feel it and know its wonderful history. The Port Wine Route is the best option to have access to all this beauty. The acclaimed Port Wines are World Heritage and the landscapes where this product is made are UNESCO heritageInaugurated on September 21, 1996, the route has more than 50 places to visit in the Douro Demarcated Region among other wine contiguous areas. From the small winemaker to the big producer, everything is possible to know and visit.


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The route includes a visit to the vineyards and cellars, which have huge barrels and pieces from previous centuries, tasting the various types of wine and also participate in unique activities as the collection of grapes and winemaking tasks. The route can be made in different ways, between car, train and boat.


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There are several routes that make the great Port Wine Route. We suggest the “Baixo Corgo Route”. In this route, you will embark at Cais de Gaia, a place full of cellars where the wines age. Then you’ll follow to Peso da Régua, considered the capital of the Port Wine. In this humble, but majestic, city you must catch the old steam locomotive that will take you on a historic trip. This will undoubtedly be an experience that you will never forget. It is imperative to visit the huge vineyards, as well as the Douro Museum and the Porto Wine mansion-house, “Solar do Vinho do Porto”. Within this route, between an exceptional food and drink, you can rest in old manor houses and homes, such as Casa Mateus, which also produces its own wine, one of the favourites of the Portuguese people.


The wine is presented in different tones, which diversify according to its age. “The older, the better”, some people defend about the Port. The colours range from red to white and it can also be differentiated by its sweetness: extra-dry, dry, half-dry, sweet and very sweet.  Port wine is a great choice for every stage of a meal.


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As an appetizer, with toasted almonds and smoked salmon is suggested a fresh White Port or a Portonic (a dry white Port wine, tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon). During the meal, with a light meal, a White Port is an excellent option. But if the meal is meat or with a more intense flavour an LBV balances the flavours. For the end of the meal, with a delicious dessert, it is also suggested something sweet, although light, like the LGB, Vintages and Fruity Port Wines. After the meal, an old vintage or a Twany – 20 years will complement your coffee.




If you want to know the best options of wines and cellars that are worth visiting, Secrets from Portugal tells you everything you need to know about it!




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Brand that refers to 1751, distinguished by Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, known as “Ferreirinha” or “Dona Antónia”, which has become a symbol of strength at her century. A brand with more than 250 years, with many types and varieties of Port Wine, its huge basement, filled with large barrels and even cars or utensils of the “Ferreirinha”.


Royal Oporto, Real Companhia Velha


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More than 250 years ago, 1756, this wine was discovered by British people who often added brandy to the wines of the Douro, preserving them in this way at sea crossings. Several farms demarcate the Real Companhia Velha, in any of them will be a pleasure to receive their guests.




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The brand appears at 1820, with the story of two families who joined together. The Graham’s brand defines itself as a “pioneer”, being one of the first companies to invest in his own vineyards. W & J Graham’s caves are located on the waterfront of Vila Nova de Gaia, where you can see the bridges that connect Gaia to Porto. Here, anyone will have access to the best of three centuries of crafts and passion for heritage.




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Source: Secrets from Portugal