Indigo Blue trend can look Stunning in your Living Room: See How!

Blue is always the type of colour that can give a stunning and fresh aura to any interior decoration. Indigo Blue might just be the ideal shade to give a total revamp of a decor style, be it in the room display or in the accessories you choose. CovetED will be taking you through a little journey […]

The Biophilia Trend Is The Perfect Choice For Nature Lovers

This design trend is a clear revolution in. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, Biophilia trend creates a whole new concept, based on spaces that benefit the people who are operating within the built environment. It is, at its core, an architectural framework inspired by the natural world that weaves the organic patterns and forms of nature […]

Mid-Century Trends: Essential Home Is Pushing The Boundaries

Colour is and always will be an irreplaceable form of communication, something that always bring you immediate and strong feelings. It’s especially important in today’s fast-paced world, where first impressions matter so much. With just a glance, colour can soothe or distract the eye. It can change thoughts and even actions. That’s why Essential Home […]

Interior Design Trends: How Fashion Can Inspire Your Home Decor

When it comes to setting interior design trends, Fashion is one of the major players in creating inspirations, colour and sometimes even techniques. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar business, setting tendencies and bringing to the light some of what to expect from the still dim future. But when it comes to the interior […]

Be Inspired by The Black Interiors Design Trend

Black is still the colour that matches everything, remaining one of those colours that is elegant and luxurious. It brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture. With this design trend, you will elevate your living room design. CovetED has decided to show everything you need to know about this amazing interior design trend and how to style it. Enjoy!     […]

Interior Design Trends: Introduce Pastels Into Your Bathroom

Pastel tones are one of the biggest interior design trends, but it may be hard to introduce this trend into your home decor. If you don’t want your space to look like it was designed by the Easter Bunny, you should combine pastels with sleek furniture, classic architecture, neutrals and dark colours. This way, you […]

Interior Design Trends: How To Use Marble In Your Home Decor

Marble is one of the biggest interior design trends of the moment. It is seen everywhere right now, and not just the stone material itself. There is a lot of marbling going on in fabrics, wallpapers and rugs. Today CovetED is going to show you how you can introduce marble into your home decor. We […]

Interior Design Tips: The Perfect Colour For Summer

With Summer finally here, most people want to re-do their home decor and explore new design trends and ideas. Terracotta is a warm, natural, rich and full-bodied colour and it can complement many interior design styles. That’s why, today, CovetED brings you some tips and inspirations on how you can style your home this summer […]

Interior Design Tips: discover the possibilities of the Terracotta trend

Today CovetED is back to talking about some of the top trends that you need to keep an eye on. In this unique design moodboard created by Trendbook we will be letting you in on all about the Terracotta trend colour. Join us on this small trip through one of 2019’s top interior design trends which is taking over many interior […]

Bright Colour And Soft Lines: Discover The New Outdoor Collection By Pedrali

Fasten your seatbelt: summertime is coming! Bright colours and soft lines are what makes the new outdoor collection by Pedrali. The outdoor novelties by Pedrali characterise every space, from the most classic to the contemporary ones. Today CovetED will tell you everything about this new Pedrali’s Summer collection, keep reading down below.     Established in 1963 in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Pedrali […]

Living Room Ideas: Be Inspired By The Terracotta Interior Design Trend

When it comes to living room ideas, interior designers are always looking for ways to warm up a space, whether it’s through texture, earthy accents, or rich hues. And it’s no wonder terracotta was poised to make a big entrance and become such a big interior design trend, since it’s warm, creamy, natural, rich, full-bodied and […]

Black and Gold Is The Perfect Colour Combination For Your Home Decor

If you’re looking to revamp your home decor, the black and gold colour combination is perfect for a luxury design. It is a versatile colour combination that lends itself a lot of different design styles, being capable of making your home look and feel exclusive. Black and gold are generally identified as a luxurious colour […]

Mid-Century Modern Is One Of The Biggest Decor Trends Of 2019

The mid-century modern style is one of the biggest decor trends of 2019. In interior design, materials such as wood, brass, leather, and velvet are key to adding mid-century style into your home decor. You’ll find tones of gold, Brown, navy blue and the typical orange and red are simply the best choices to add that touch of The Great Gatsby’s luxury in your […]

Transform Your Home Decor With The Eclectic Clutter Trend

Transform Your Home Decor With The Eclectic Clutter Trend ⇒ If you want to take the risk of creating harmony within purposefully disorganized living spaces in your home decor, then the eclectic clutter trend is the one for you! Through the mix of clashing prints, bold colours and intricate patterns, this trend certainly isn’t for fainthearted […]

Deco Revival Trend Is Here To Transform Your Interior Design

Deco Revival Trend Is Here To Transform Your Interior Design ⇒ The deco revival trend is here to stay and transform your interior design! If you love brass, opaline and velvet, this is the trend for you. It’s all about having fun and forgetting what’s common while rediscovering what’s essential, with a lot of mid-century modern inspirations. […]

Be Inspired by The Fluid Shapes Trend 2019

Be Inspired by The Fluid Shapes Trend 2019 ⇒ If you want to give a contemporary touch to your home furniture and home decor, the fluid shapes trend is your best choice. Seen as a trend since 2017, but more present now in 2019, this trend mixes bold colours and intense gradients. Fluid shapes are an […]

Best Interior Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor

Best Interior Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor ⇒ In order to keep up with the seasons, interior design trends are always changing and transforming. Whether you’re a mid-century modern lover, a classic decor enthusiast or a contemporary style admirer, we have all the inspiration you need – because, after all, you’re a design lover who loves to be on top of every […]

Venture Yourself Into The Biophilia Design Trend

Venture Yourself Into The Biophilia Design Trend ⇒ Nature is way too beautiful to be kept outside, so why not bring it to be part of your home decor? Biophilia Earth Tones is all about the hidden secrets that surround the essence of life, just like if your ambiences were alive and breathing. Today, CovetED brings you all about the […]

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