WY restaurant at the Mercedes House


WY restaurant at the Mercedes House

June 15, 2015

When the worlds of Mercedes’s high tech and Bart de Pooter’s haute cuisine meet, you can expect luxurious fireworks of refinement: based in the Mercedes Benz brand house in the Sablon, in the heart of Brussels, WY is a world class brasserie that lowers the threshold to excellent cuisine.


With WY, star chef Bart De Pooter presents his newest project and awards another star, this time in collaboration with other iconic star, Mercedes, the German synonym for elegance and refinement that Coveted searches for.


For WY, while Bart ensures the excellent service in an easygoing atmosphere, he found a partner in crime in Joel Rammelsberg. Experienced and young, Joel is the executive chef in the WY kitchen. Guided by Bart’s passion for regional, ecologically sourced produce, revealing the typical and somewhat eccentric nature of his kitchen: fresh, patterned and fun with seasonal and artisan ingredients, as much as possible.

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Designed by the belgian designer Franky Claeys, in collaboration with New York lighting artist Matilde Alessandra, WY exceeds all expectations. Everything is perfectly designed to assure visitors a mind-blowing experience. For WY, De Pooter wants to translate his restaurant ideas to an urban setting, which is shown clearly in the interior as well as the experience.

The selection of works of contemporary photography and digital art set without risk with the white furniture, neon lights and lively ambiance music, creates a “fun and funky atmosphere” as Joel likes to see the restaurant.


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The kitchen has a CCTV system installed, so guests can follow the preparation of their dish on huge monitors.


Flavour-intense, refreshing and light digestible dishes whose visual appearance is highly pleasing are the boards for what WY chef sticks for. Very available and concerned about his clients, Joel is a young chef well carrying the hallmark of Bart de Potter. In conversation with Coveted, he told us that the most important thing to a chef to accomplish his goals is to care, understand, train and motivate the team, which also play the main role in that kitchen.


With a very experimental and “out of the box” menu, WY is transformed in a “always new” restaurant, with its extraordinary menu that changes all two weeks. Designed by Joel and Casimir (chef of De Pastorale – another Bart de Potter restaurant) and approved by Bart de Potter, the dishes are meant to bring the fun and joyful to a dishes that take us to other cultures, while in a Mercedes showroom, in Brussels.

High recommended by Coveted, this contemporary restaurant is the heaven of tasty cuisine and nice environment.  At WY, you can enjoy fine products, creative menus and sophisticated service.