The Wondrous Barsana Boutique Hotel by Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra

The Design of the wondrous Barsana Boutique Hotel was recently completed by a team of proficient designers led by Dhruva Kalra of the architecture studio, Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra. Situated between Science Park and Park street of Kolkatta, the Boutique hotel has 20,130 square feet and seven stories. The enthralling hotel has 45 guestrooms, a restaurant, and areas reserved for events and conferences. The Chain of hotels was originated in Bengal and due to the fact that its location was affluent in tradition and culture, the boutique hotel had to sort of reminisce the city distinctiveness within viable economic resources. Nevertheless, the newfangled Barsana boutique hotel has exceeded all the expectations and creates a strong presence within the community due to its daring yet sophisticated outlook.

barsana boutique hotel

As soon as one enters the building, a fluidity between all spaces is immediately noticed as well as a remarkable visual connection within exterior and interior spaces. Guests are greeted by a marvellous peacock sculpture in brass, and besides that, the hotel is characterised by a horizontal line design, from floor to ceiling as well as warm colours. By virtue of all of these elements, not only does the hotel acquire a much more glamorous atmosphere but it also becomes quite comfortable for guests.

barsana boutique hotel

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barsana boutique hotel

Art is very much present in the hotel through pictures of local elements of Kolkatta which are represented by an earthy and natural style that bring in just the right amount of energy to the interiors.


Giving functionality to every single division, Barsana creates an internal illusion of space. In order to achieve such notion, the hotel resorts to plenty strategies, such as spreading out guestrooms on the five upper floors in repetitive distribution and displaying a precise variety of bright accent colours to add flair and to also be a reflection of the Indian culture.

barsana boutique hotel

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barsana boutique hotel

Through a folding partition wall, the topmost floor houses and the banquet hall can be separated whenever needed. This space isn’t highly ornamented due to being used for different scenarios and functions, however, the peculiar set of colours and patterns along with a mirrored ceiling reflect the festive spirit of the culture.


“Each space is a sculpted volume with forms, colours, textures, materials and lighting being brought together in a cohesive way to create its individual experience. These spaces create a hotel that is not just a place to stay in temporarily, but one that will leave a lasting impression.”

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