Restaurants We Covet – The Fine Dining Paradise Baraka Restaurant


Restaurants We Covet – The Fine Dining Paradise Baraka Restaurant

March 25, 2017

Revered as an alluring location of French-Asian cuisine and fine dining, Baraka restaurant was established in 2001 and is managed by dynamic duo Leora and David Seboek. In 2015, the renowned destination was strategically relocated to the heritage Dorottya Palace right in the heart of historic Budapest as now it only a stone’s throw to five-star hotels and the banks of the Danube.

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BarakaRestaurant_01 baraka restaurant baraka restaurant

Source: Budapest Deluxe

The dining room is best defined by a sophisticated and serene ambience with a view to an open kitchen, which brings creativity, simplicity and curiosity to the table offering guests the chance to have the ultimate gastronomic experience. Prepared by chef Norbert Biro and sous chef André Bicalho, the dishes are balanced with a mix of textures and flavours through molecular techniques making sure that the customers’ desires are satisfied and exceeded. In actuality, the menu at Baraka switches four times a year giving guests a versatile and curated reality.

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Baraka’s cooking approach combines old and new techniques while maintaining the basics of French-Asian cuisine as well as exploring new ingredients and methods. When tasting a dish at Baraka one is immediately surprised by a tremendously well-balanced seasonal combination like salty, sweet, sour and spicy flavours, and this is way Baraka is rather unique.

Cauliflower - coconut panna cotta baraka restaurant baraka restaurant

Materials such as wood, glass and steel were used in the decor of Baraka to guarantee a harmonious environment that is both comfortable and stylish, and this is quite notorious in the lighting design provided, like the majestic Coltrane Ceiling Lamp by DelightFULL that can be seen in the bar, which has an extremely relaxing and natural ambience to it.


“When we moved to the Dorottya Palace, it was the first time we designed a restaurant from scratch. We knew that it was important that the service areas were all part of the design and should be functional and beautiful. We knew that we wanted the kitchen and the service area for the waiters to be an extention of the other in order for the waiters to work. We think that one of the ultimate goals of any restaurant at this level is absolutely to receive a Michelin star. This is affirmation that the hard work we put in to running this restaurant day in and day out is recognized by people who really understand what makes a restaurant great. Michelin symbolizes excellence in food, design, and service, and it would be amazing to be recognized among our peers from all over the world. It would bring us many guests who follow Michelin restaurants all over the globe who appreciate the efforts we put in to deliver the best experience possible.”

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