Remembering Porro’s Exhibtion at Palazzo Morando

In an environment conceived by Piero Lissoni in the project installation of Elle Grand Decor Hotel, Porro’s world was exhibited during the month of the October at Palazzo Morando, in Milan. Porro’s systems and furniture are characterised by a varied range of finishes, clean lines, and details.


In an intimate dialogue between history and modernity, this showing consisted on the discovering of aristocratic residences from past centuries while using the aesthetic figures of Italian architects. Another issue approached during the exhibition was the evolution of the hospitality business, in other words, the concept of a hotel being a place that delivers experiences through contemporary designs, history, humane factors, and architectural features.

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The Porro project characteristics were originated from an exhaustive research of production and materials that combined traditional artisan methods with advanced manufacturing and technology. It balances between past and present using an approach of simplicity and categorization.


Within the wide spectrum of pieces shown at Palazzo Morando, the paramount pieces which were designed by Piero Lissoni were the precise Modular System, the sculptured and lacquered Synapsis Table, the classically soft-lined Neve Chair, and the elegant glass-made Ex-Libris Cabinet. They were displayed in certain areas of the hotel which in part conceded the unique ambiance of Porro’s world.


The Bibliothéque is the best example of Porro’s formal cleanness, geometry function, flexibility, and shape. Designed in Canaletto walnut, it is meant to be seen a place where one can explore the world but at the same time be sheltered by it.

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restaurant porro

The Café & Restaurant represented the cosmopolitan lifestyle. This establishment was completed with chrome-plated rods iron and furnished with many of the valued pieces previously mentioned.

In a celebration of design, Porro captures the essence of hospitality experience in all of its glory. For more trends and information follow and subscribe to CovetED Magazine! In addition, watch the video below with an exclusive tour of our Covet House.

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