New Classic Style by Oleg Klodt

When approaching the marvelous world of interior design and architecture, noting the work of Oleg Klodt is a moral imperative.

Born into a creative family which traces its origins back to Pyotr Karlovich Klodt, the sculptor of the unique equestrian Monument to Nicholas I in St. Petersburg and other distinguished works, it is unsurprising that Oleg Klodt would become a celebrated artist in his own right.CovetED New Classic Style by Oleg Klodt pinterest

Shortly after graduating from the Moscow Architectural Institute, Oleg Klodt launched his architectural practice and quickly became known as one of the most influential and talented architects and designers from Russia. Klodt’s designs are always exquisitely consistent, a distinguished New Classic style.

He has created the design of a great number of private residences, along with commercial spaces, public buildings, restaurants, and hotels. In 2014 one of his studio’s stunning and characteristically Klodt projects, an apartment on Tverskoy Boulevard in Moscow, was shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Award in the Residential £2.5 – 5 Million category. The clients for this project commissioned Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau to design their apartment as a home for their large family while making the best of the living space’s existing features. The owners were seeking a contemporary interior which was both extraordinary feeling and dramatic to look at.CovetED New Classic Style by Oleg Klodt pinterest

When planning the layout of the foyer and its corridor, the function of the space was essential to the design – a theme carried with considerable care throughout the home and all of Klodt’s projects. The living room, executed with a well-planned layout and contemporary Art-Deco style, is one of the most beloved and intriguing spaces in the apartment. The use of materials of the highest quality in a variety of textures and neutral tones, along with the bold shapes of the furniture, are offset by unusual accents such as the brass living room coffee table by Boca do Lobo.

“I am interested in the combination of materials. I like to combine wood with metal. Modern technology allows us to choose many different metals in a wide palette of colors. Today we can use gold, brass and copper, and in all their shades – and silver. Where we are involved in loft-style projects, we use a lot of black metal, and black steel in different styles.”CovetED New Classic Style by Oleg Klodt pinterest

The straightforward modern feel of the interior is softened with the extensive use of fabrics in the apartment. The close attention to detail throughout the home can be seen clearly in the fabric selections – all of the drapery is done in a single color-scheme, but differs in shade and use of varying materials, and thus each treatment drapes in a unique way. In the master bedroom the design team composed a semicircular floor plan by constructing a wall which divides the area into two sections and incidentally serves as the headboard of the bed, which was designed by Oleg Klodt himself.CovetED New Classic Style by Oleg Klodt pinterest

Oleg Klodt Architectual Bureau gives special importance to the preparation of 3D visualizations. The staff of the 3D department is composed of top-notch professionals who are not only capable of preparing visualizations of overall building spaces, but additionally they use furniture modeling to create detailed visualizations of the individual items within each space.

“Working this way, and by deploying the skills and abilities of our 3D department, we can create extremely high-quality scenes and informational imagery, which makes the process of finalizing the design of interiors even more convenient and enjoyable.”CovetED New Classic Style by Oleg Klodt pinterest

As seen in the Tverskoy Boulevard, Moscow apartment project, the attention to the finest level of detail and creation of bespoke pieces of furniture and decor that are individually designed, down to the level of door-knobs and window handles, are characteristic traits that manifest themselves in all of Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau’s projects. The delicacy of this approach results in an exclusivity and distinctiveness found in each of their interiors.

“Today’s modern interiors are dominated by minimalism. Over the past few years, an increasing number of our clients have asked us to take a more contemporary approach, shunning classical designs in favor of décor influenced by the Sixties and Seventies – although a degree of traditional flair is maintained. It’s all become a mash-up”, said Klodt of his team’s approach.CovetED New Classic Style by Oleg Klodt pinterest

The fusion of classic and contemporary style by Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau always remains minimalistic, conceived to reflect the unique personality of each client in a concise and ingenious fashion. You will never find overindulgence or decorative redundancy in an Oleg Klodt creation.



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