Dive In Kelly Wearstler’s Latest Colourful Project

Dive In Kelly Wearstler‘s Latest Colourful Project – Kelly Wearstler‘s known for being the reigning queen of colour. She takes it to a whole new level. Her projects are an immersive ocean of sophistication, and her clients love it. Now, the interior designer took on the challenge to design an L.A. Pad for a young, free-spirited family. Join CovetED Magazine and dive in a true ocean of colour.


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“They both love colour, and their personalities are so unique,” explained Wearstler, who worked closely with Gomez (one of the clients) on the project. “And Lana (the other client) was pretty much up for anything.” But the house itself—a Spanish-style bungalow spec home near West Hollywood that the couple chose for its open layout and blank-canvas appeal.


Dive In Kelly Wearstler's Latest Colourful Project > CovetED MAgazine > #kellywearstler #interiordesign #covetedmagazine


To add a bit of architectural uniqueness, Wearstler had a few tricks in her deck: The rectangular front door was reshaped into an elegant arch, the switchback staircase was refashioned and lined with brass rails, and doorways into the kitchen and dining room were framed in Silver Portoro stone. A grid of Cannon/Bullock wallpaper sheets in a range of colours was applied to walls throughout the house, creating the illusion of rooms in the airy, open interior and giving the whole place a Technicolor glow. “A lot of people actually think it’s stone when they walk in,” Maniscalco says.


Dive In Kelly Wearstler's Latest Colourful Project > CovetED MAgazine > #kellywearstler #interiordesign #covetedmagazine


“Kelly turned me on to a lot of these artists, and she worked with them to create things nobody has ever seen before,” Gomez says. “Serafina (the daughter of the young couple) is going to grow up in a house filled with characters. Each piece looks like it could come alive.”


Dive In Kelly Wearstler's Latest Colourful Project > CovetED MAgazine > #kellywearstler #interiordesign #covetedmagazine


On the walls, Wearstler paired Gomez’s own paintings (which she creates in her garage studio) with pieces by Op Art maestro John Townsend and rising San Francisco talent Jonathan Anzalone. Rather than use Gomez’s creations throughout the house, though, Wearstler successfully proposed turning a few of them into painterly rugs fabricated by the Rug Company.




While Wearstler’s fearless furnishing choices spoke to the couple’s dynamism when a home is filled with such an eccentric cast a moment of controversy is inevitable. Maniscalco recalls the arrival of a lamp by Anton Alvarez, a Swedish-Chilean designer whose sculptural furnishings are made by wrapping raw materials in colourful, glue-soaked string.

Dive In Kelly Wearstler's Latest Colourful Project > CovetED MAgazine > #kellywearstler #interiordesign #covetedmagazine


“Kelly really educates you,” the comedian continues. “After she’s done describing something, you walk away and you’re like, ‘Yeah, that does look great.’ I feel like I got a master’s in design.”

Dive In Kelly Wearstler's Latest Colourful Project > CovetED MAgazine > #kellywearstler #interiordesign #covetedmagazine


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Source: Architectural Digest



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