Campana Brothers Design News: Artisanal living room installation

A few months before Friedman Benda presented Artisanal, an elaborate living room installation by contemporary Brazilian designers Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana at Salon: Art + Design in New York.

CovetED Campana Brothers Design News Artisanal living room installation Friedman Benda

Friedman Benda is a gallery dedicated to presenting established and emerging designers who create historically significant work and are at the forefront of their practice. Founded in 2007, the galleries exhibitions and publications have played a vital role in the rise of the design market and education, and take a comprehensive approach to work that intersects the fields of design, craft and art. Friedman Benda represents an international roster of designers spanning four continents and multiple generations.


Artisanal marks a new period of intense creativity for the Campanas, a redirection and innovative re-­‐ imagination of a studio that has done so repeatedly. Multiple series first explored in the Campana Brothers’ Concepts exhibition at Friedman Benda in 2013 are now fully developed and contextualized, with a focus on refined materials and skilled craftsmanship. These works are imaginative, liveable, functional, and promise to surprise even those who have followed the Campana Studios unique dialogue with design over the past two decades.

CovetED Campana Brothers Design News Artisanal living room installation CAMPANA_Pirarucu Sofa
The Pirarucu Sofa, curvilinear in form, is made with the tanned skins of one of the world’s largest fresh-­‐ water fish found in the Amazon. The rich and naturally patterned skins of the Pirarucu are applied by French artisans and are juxtaposed with a vertical bamboo structure that forms the back and sides.

CovetED Campana Brothers Design News Artisanal living room installation


The Detonado Modular Bookshelf and Detonado Wall Piece create a dialogue between European and Brazilian modernist design, with Freijó wood framing intricate patchworks of reclaimed wicker from old Thonet chairs (first manufactured in Germany in 1859).

CovetED Campana Brothers Design News Artisanal living room installation Salon Art + Design
Lush clusters of volumes of sheepskin and leather, innovative and comfortable, comprise the Bolotas series of armchairs and sofas, which are created entirely at the Campana studio. In addition, Artisanal includes a free­‐form marble fireplace with grained slabs of Giallo Sienna, constructed in collaboration with artisans in Italy.CovetED Campana Brothers Design News Artisanal living room installation design pieces

What do you know about Campana Brothers?

Fernando (born 1961) and Humberto (born 1953) have steadily built a career, achieving both national and international recognition since opening their studio in 1983. Based in São Paulo, Estudio Campana is constantly investigating new possibilities while creating bridges and dialogues where the exchange of information is a source of inspiration.

The brothers were honored with the Designer of the Year award in 2008 by Design Miami and the Designers of the Year Maison & Objet award in 2012. That same year they were selected for the Comité Colbert Prize in Paris, honored at Beijing Design Week, received the Order of Cultural Merit in Brasilia and were awarded the Order of Arts and Letters by the Minister of Culture in France. In 2013 they were listed among the top 100 most influential Brazilian personalities by Forbes magazine.


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