Colour Trends 2018 – The Best Tones to Use In Your Kid’s Bedrooms

Colour Trends 2018 – The Best Tones to Use In Your Kid’s Bedrooms ⇒ Decorating and choosing what colours to use in your Kid’s Bedrooms may be one of the hardest tasks when it comes to home interiors. You have to take every single detail into consideration. In this article, you will be able to […]

Decorate Your Interiors Using Pantone’s 2018 Colour Trends Predictions

Decorate Your Interiors Using Pantone’s 2018 Colour Trends Predictions ⇒ Each year, the Pantone Color Institute releases a set of colours that will be trending for the upcoming seasons. Although there hasn’t been an official statement revealing the 2018 colour trends, a sneak peek was recently announced featuring eight diverging palettes, and everybody in the community is […]

A Preview of Pantone’s Home Interiors Colour Trends 2018

A Preview of Pantone’s Home Interiors Colour Trends 2018 ⇒ Although we are only a few months away from 2018, the prestigious authority figure, Pantone Color Institute has given homeowners and design enthusiasts a little preview at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, of what colours are sure to become a trend in […]

Kids Bedroom Trends 2019: Be Inspired By Pearly Colours

Kids Bedroom Trends 2019: Be Inspired By Pearly Colours ⇒ Iridescent and pearly colours are one of the main colour trends of 2019 when it comes to kids bedroom designs. The incredible iridescent colour is the phenomenon of certain materials that change the colour as the viewing or illumination angle changes. Its inspiration comes from the colours […]

Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say

Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say ⇒ Are colours real? Do colours actually exist, or are mere individual perceptions of light waves? Although they’re not real in a physical, 3-dimensional way, it’s very difficult to argue their existence. In fact, we, as individuals, tend to perceive colours in rather different ways due to […]

Be Inspired by KOKET’s Trendiest Colours for 2017

Entering 2017 with a guilty pleasure collection of awe-inspiring pieces, the sultry and seductive luxury brand, KOKET led by trendsetter and the brand’s creative director, Janet Morais has presented extraordinary work based on Pantone’s key colour trends for this year that will allure any cosmopolitan woman in the face of the planet. These colours range […]

Tropical Decor Ideas Are a Hot Trend For 2020

One of the hot interior design trends that are expected for 2020 and 2021 is tropical colours and tropical patterns, which you actually have already seen in the Versace runway during Milan Fashion Week 2019. Who could forget the stunning Versace dress wore by Jennifer Lopes, right? And fashion has always been side by side […]

Interior Design Trends 2021 From Top Luxury Brands

2020 is not so far anymore and trends have been set for the new upcoming year. But, at CovetED Magazine, and together with our partner TrendBook, we love to forecast the hottest design trends. So, we decided to preview the interior design trends 2021 from the top luxury furniture brands. to place you much further than […]

10 Yacht Design Trends That Are Expected In 2020

Every new year brings a new set of interior design trends for the decor or renovation of residences. And the same happens with superyachts. Just like when you need to decorate a home interiors, a superyacht also requires the concert with comfort and updated furnishings. That’s why CovetED Magazine prepared these 10 Yacht Design Trends […]

Top 3 Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2020

With 2019 almost over, it’s time to focus on the new year approaching and how to apply the top interior design trends to your space. With so many design styles you can follow, ranging from Classic, Contemporary, Eclectic, Mid-Century and Modern, CovetED brings you some moodboards and products from a top luxury brand in order to inspire […]

High Point Market 2019 Brings New Design Trends for 2020

With fall season, comes one of the most expected design events of the year: High Point Market 2019. And with it, comes what’s new: new products, new showrooms, new styles and new trends. For that reason, new showrooms are being trimmed up and getting ready for this esteemed Octover’s big event. The hottest styles and […]

See how to Apply the Cantaloupe Trend in your Home Decor

The Cantaloupe Trend is a soft undertone of bright orange, lighter shades of red and mellow yellow. It’s a silkier version of the youthful oranges that have been making noise recently. This lovely shade can bring us encouragement and motivation, so CovetED is going to teach you how you can introduce this design trend into your home decor.     In […]

Take a Look at These Incredible Autumn Interior Design Trends 2019

The leaves are dropping, the weather is getting chiller, so this mean Autumn is settling in. That means it’s time to take a look at some top Autumn Interior Design Trends 2019. As always, CovetED has you back on this matter! Have a look at some suggestive items to keep up with the latest trends!     For […]

Discover The Fall Trend Spotters’ Tours at High Point Market 2019

High Point Market 2019 is considered one of the biggest home furnishing tradeshows in the entire world and one of the largest in the US. That’s why the North Carolina event is the perfect place to find the best interior design trends for your home decor. From October 18-23, the High Point Market Trend Spotters’ […]

Interior Design Trends: How To Decorate Your Luxury Yacht

Owning a luxury yacht is the ultimate status symbol that every design lover craves for. In order to inspire the interior design of your future yacht, Covet House has released several inspirational moodboards featuring the latest interior design trends, filled with light and neutral tones that convey peace and harmony while you’re yachting through the […]

Minimalism Decor Is A New Trend for 2020

For some people, ‘less is more’ apart from the trends that are hot at the present moment. But we have great news for those people. Minimalism decor is actually one of the hottest trends in 2019 and it will stay for 2020. So CovetED Magazine prepared a selection of furnishing pieces from top luxury brands […]

Interior Design Trends: How To Have The Bedroom of Your Dreams II

CovetED Magazine has been dedicating some posts to inspire you with the decor or renovation of super yachts interiors. So today, we have a wonderful mood board that will show you a wonderful combination of colours, materials, patterns and styles that can by applied to a modern bedroom interior decor in a super yacht. Or […]

Paris Design Week 2019: Be Inspired by The Top design Trends For 2020

Paris is worldwide recognized as the hub of fashion, but that’s not all. The City of Lights is also considered as the centre of design. Every September, it hosts Maison et Objet, September edition, a trade show dedicated to the celebration of design at the highest level that brings together top luxury brands with their […]

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