Colour Trends 2018 – The Best Tones to Use In Your Kid’s Bedrooms

Colour Trends 2018 – The Best Tones to Use In Your Kid’s Bedrooms ⇒ Decorating and choosing what colours to use in your Kid’s Bedrooms may be one of the hardest tasks when it comes to home interiors. You have to take every single detail into consideration. In this article, you will be able to […]

Decorate Your Interiors Using Pantone’s 2018 Colour Trends Predictions

Decorate Your Interiors Using Pantone’s 2018 Colour Trends Predictions ⇒ Each year, the Pantone Color Institute releases a set of colours that will be trending for the upcoming seasons. Although there hasn’t been an official statement revealing the 2018 colour trends, a sneak peek was recently announced featuring eight diverging palettes, and everybody in the community is […]

A Preview of Pantone’s Home Interiors Colour Trends 2018

A Preview of Pantone’s Home Interiors Colour Trends 2018 ⇒ Although we are only a few months away from 2018, the prestigious authority figure, Pantone Color Institute has given homeowners and design enthusiasts a little preview at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, of what colours are sure to become a trend in […]

Kids Bedroom Trends 2019: Be Inspired By Pearly Colours

Kids Bedroom Trends 2019: Be Inspired By Pearly Colours ⇒ Iridescent and pearly colours are one of the main colour trends of 2019 when it comes to kids bedroom designs. The incredible iridescent colour is the phenomenon of certain materials that change the colour as the viewing or illumination angle changes. Its inspiration comes from the colours […]

Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say

Fashion Trends 2019: What the Colours Have to Say ⇒ Are colours real? Do colours actually exist, or are mere individual perceptions of light waves? Although they’re not real in a physical, 3-dimensional way, it’s very difficult to argue their existence. In fact, we, as individuals, tend to perceive colours in rather different ways due to […]

Be Inspired by KOKET’s Trendiest Colours for 2017

Entering 2017 with a guilty pleasure collection of awe-inspiring pieces, the sultry and seductive luxury brand, KOKET led by trendsetter and the brand’s creative director, Janet Morais has presented extraordinary work based on Pantone’s key colour trends for this year that will allure any cosmopolitan woman in the face of the planet. These colours range […]

Top Trends of 2020: Luxury Minimal Design

Among the most relevant trends for 2020 is Luxury Minimal Design. That’s right: more and more people are turning to more clear spaces filled with few furniture pieces. Despite the fact that clear spaces are becoming more desirable for decor enthusiasts when it comes to filling the house, many people are turning to materials, furniture and […]

These are the Top 10 Interior Decor Trends to Bet on in 2020

Some trends come and go, while others definitely leave a permanent mark! 2019 was a full year in regard to providing some incredible interior design trends that will make their way into many design aficionado‘s homes in 2020! CovetED is providing you with a guide which you will certainly find useful in the upcoming year: there are […]

Cultural Fusion Is The Interior Design Trend You Must Follow

We are all inspired by what and who they see online and this goes beyond whatever culture they are living in. Cultural Fusion is an interior design trend that shows the rise of a truly global consumer, that is redefining their identity in countries all over the world. Join CovetED and discover how to introduce this […]

Introducing the amazing Human Nature Macro-Trend 2020

2020 promises to be a year with quite some examples of notorious trends. The tendency of many people seems to be turning to nature-related decor. We can tell from trends such as the Human Nature Macro-Trend 2020.  CovetED will be showing you how this amazing style can give a more natural feel to your living room.     […]

Interior Design Trends: Be Inspired by the Contemporary Street Style

One of the hottest interior design trends right now is the contemporary street style trend! It combines the uber-urban phenomenon with the joie de vivre of the youth to present vibrant eye-popping designs. Now this very phenomenon has infiltrated the world of interiors to create a vibrant culture for new-age designers and clients. One of the most […]

2020 Trends: The incredible Cloud Pink Trend Color for Bedrooms

Today we’re expanding our perspective on the Cloud Pink Trend Color, and how incredible it can look in a bedroom? Thought this was only a colour fitting for a kid’s bedroom decor? Think again! CovetED will be showing you how amazing this colour can look in your bedroom, regardless of your age, or your decor style.     […]

Interior Design Trends: Maximalism Decor Is The New Trend for 2020

Maximalism decor is one of the biggest interior design trends for 2020. This trend stands out thanks to its aesthetic of excess and redundancy, bein the opposite of the minimalist design style. When it comes to interior design, spaces that were designed according to this style are extremely opulent, decorated, rich in colours, materials and […]

Know more about the ideal Accessories for the Minimal Art Decor Trend

Art and design have always been two areas which have been closely related in more than one sense. This latest trend, the Minimal Art Decor Trend, aims to present a set of furniture pieces which all have a minimalistic and artistic touch to them. CovetED will introduce you to some lovely accessories that will give that little […]

Interior Design Trends: How To Add Ceramics Into Your Decor

Ceramics is one of the newest interior design trends since they are very versatile compared to other materials. With intricate designs and a wide array of patterns, decorating homes with ceramics has become quite a big trend in today’s modern society. There are many ways to incorporate ceramic into your interior design and today CovetED is going […]

Indigo Blue trend can look Stunning in your Living Room: See How!

Blue is always the type of colour that can give a stunning and fresh aura to any interior decoration. Indigo Blue might just be the ideal shade to give a total revamp of a decor style, be it in the room display or in the accessories you choose. CovetED will be taking you through a little journey […]

The Biophilia Trend Is The Perfect Choice For Nature Lovers

This design trend is a clear revolution in. Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, Biophilia trend creates a whole new concept, based on spaces that benefit the people who are operating within the built environment. It is, at its core, an architectural framework inspired by the natural world that weaves the organic patterns and forms of nature […]

Mid-Century Trends: Essential Home Is Pushing The Boundaries

Colour is and always will be an irreplaceable form of communication, something that always bring you immediate and strong feelings. It’s especially important in today’s fast-paced world, where first impressions matter so much. With just a glance, colour can soothe or distract the eye. It can change thoughts and even actions. That’s why Essential Home […]

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