Lladró X Marcel Wanders, The Special Collaboration Presented At ICFF NY

Lladró, the world leader in the design, announced in ICFF 2019 in New York the launch of Nightbloom, in collaboration with the Dutch design studio Marcel Wanders.  The Ice Cream collection , one of the lamps presented at the fair, is an innovative addition to the established Light & Scent line. Wild Portraits and Bold Blue are exciting […]

P&T Interiors Is one of the Best Design Firms in NYC

  P&T interiors – a boutique interior design firm – provides highly personalized residential design services to what has become an international client base. They work to bridge the gap between a project’s full potential and the boundaries imposed by the realities of life and believe that great design is the culmination of a tri-party […]

Pineapple House Studio Has Designed Some Amazing Kids Spaces

Pineapple House is an interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The studio has collected many accolades throughout the years due to its unique style and design features. Clean, bohemian and contemporary are how we would describe the studio’s amazing work. Pineapple House Studio has worked on many children’s spaces throughout the years, creating some truly inspiring […]

March&White International Design House And It’s Versatile Designs

The March&White international design house is based in London, New York and LA. Architecture and interior design are their focus as is excellence in the field. Excuse to say, they meet and excel the expectation. Today CovetED will tell you everything about this amazing design house, one of the most versatile design houses of the world, with amazing interior designs.   […]

Living Design: Luxury Design at Marriott Copenhagen Hotel

  Living Design is a Swedish based international interior design company with an unparalleled reputation across Europe in the industry that thrives on perfection. Using the best and the most advanced and updated technologies, the Living Design team can provide the highest level of service to its clients in different industries around the world. Today, CovetED  is going to show you […]

Discover The New Organics Collection From Bert & May

Founded in 2013 by Lee Thornley, Bert & May is a bespoke lifestyle brand with a love of natural pigments, materials and fine craftsmanship. Bert & May uses its extensive design credentials to collaborate closely with designers and architects, creating bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, sourcing reclaimed tiles and antiques to bring a unique design look to any […]

Little Crown Interiors Is the Ultimate Design Studio For Kids Rooms

Little Crown Interiors is a full-service interior design studio specializing solely in nursery and child spaces. Services include Full-Service Nursery and Child Interior Design, E-Design, and Hourly Consultations. The studio handles everything including space planning, safety assessments, renderings and floor plans, custom textile and furniture design, and installation. CovetED will tell you everything you need […]

The Best Lighting Projects by Lighting Elysium

Founded by award-winning lighting designer, John Sapanaro in 2002, Lighting Elysium provides lighting design, maintenance, and re-lamping solutions for retail, commercial, and industrial customers in the United States. And today, Modern Chandeliers is going to show you their best lighting projects, so follow CovetED  below to find out more!   They know how each lighting project is unique, but also that every professional process […]

LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design

LightForm Is Here To Redefine Lighting Design ⇒ If you’re looking for the best lighting design, LightForm is a perfect choice. The Canadian store has plenty to choose from, with the goal of educating design professionals to a brand new way of living with lighting designs and how they can absolutely make a difference in a […]

Inside The Amazing Architectural Design Of Dom-A

From classic to modern, to eclectic to the most outrageous, the team of Dom-A, composed by the talented Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev, provides the best architectural design and is here to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in […]

Katerina Lashmanova: The Quintessence Of Modern Interior Design

Katerina Lashmanova: The Quintessence Of Modern Interior Design⇒ Katerina Lashmanova is an interior designer from Moscow that has been making waves on a worldwide scale. Inspired by modern classic concepts, Katerina Lashmanova is all about comfortable spaces, beautiful colour palettes and harmonious shapes. Today, CovetED is proudly giving you a taste of her work and her projects so sit back and feel free to be inspired […]

Luxury Interior Design Is Elevated Thanks To Kris Turnbull Studios

Luxury Interior Design Is Elevated Thanks To Kris Turnbull Studios ⇒ Kris Turnbull Studios is the best at giving a modern approach to a luxury interior design project, and that’s exactly why his design firm is so highly sought after. With a creative team that offers the best interior design, architecture, interior architecture and styling services, Kris Turnbull is definitely a reference to all the contemporary interior […]

Interior Salon Interforma | Unique Designs for Unique Ambiances

Interior Salon Interforma | Unique Designs for Unique Ambiances⇒ Interior Salon “Interforma” is a furniture store that only works with European manufacturers of furniture and light premium and offers modern kitchens and living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms. Offering diversity furniture, with simple lines but with a unique personality and all the glamorous that you deserve in your home. Today, CovetED will show you how […]

A Unique Decorative Hardware Experience Provided by Distinct Hardware

A Unique Decorative Hardware Experience Provided by Distinct Hardware ⇒ Located in Scottsdale in the beautiful US State of Arizona, Distinct Hardware is a top company founded in 2017 that strives to provide a unique boutique experience in decorative hardware selection for your home. Today CovetED will let you know everything about this amazing decorative hardware boutique.   […]

GDC Luxury Is Here To Celebrate Luxury Design

GDC Luxury Is Here To Celebrate Luxury Design ⇒ GDC Luxury is one of the biggest interior design studios in Dubai, being one of the main celebrators of luxury design. After 2 years in Abu Dhabi, GDC Luxury is now based between Dubai and Milan. During these years, they had the opportunity to develop residential, commercial and hospitality projects.  It’s thanks to the […]

Home 7 Groupe Showrooms Features Amazing Designs By Top Luxury Brands

Home 7 Groupe Showrooms Features Amazing Designs By Top Luxury Brands⇒ The Home 7 Groupe is a luxury design group that feature three incredible showrooms in the iconic Triangle D’Or at Casablanca, Marocco. They provide the best furniture, lighting, and material solutions from some of the world’s top luxury brands. Besides showcasing amazing products, the luxury design group also feature a custom design service that helps the […]

Fabinteriors Is one of the Best Interior Design Firms in India

Fabinteriors Is one of the Best Interior Design Firms in India⇒ For more than four decades, Fabinteriors has been known as the pioneers in the interior design world. Established in 1976, they are leaders in innovative interior designing consulting services. The studio has transformed mundane constructions into exceptionally designed homes, institutes, hotels, resorts, restaurants and every […]

Discover Everything About Casual Moveis: A Company That Provides Furniture For Luxury Yachts

Discover Everything About Casual Moveis: A Company That Provides Furniture For Luxury Yachts ⇒ Casual Moveis consists of a company from Brazil, dedicated to being the provider of luxury furniture for a series of clients with their own interior design projects. This Brazilian company has also been tackling the market of luxury yacht interior design, so today […]

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