Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex

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Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex ⇒ Founded by the De Zutter family in 1954, Wind Exclusive Design is now an international reference in the high-quality textile creation and design. Located in a well-reputed area since as far back as the 14th Century for its textile production, Wind embodies expertise, craftsmanship and age-old tradition. The new generation intends to continue with the expertise and values of the brand, whilst adding their own personal touch. Today, Wind distinguishes itself by its exclusive design and its inspired collections as well as its conception of customer service. At Decorex 2018 the brand presented its brand new products, which CovetED shows you today.


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Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex

Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex


The Armada collection is a combination of exclusive designs, amazing textures and subtle structures in room-high and normal width fabrics. Rosario is a print on a light linen base. The little kimonos have a contemporary colouration and can be combined beautifully with the whole collection. Esteban is a heavy linen suitable for both upholstery and curtains, available in natural linen shades and soft delicate colours. Magdalena is a vintage linen room-high plain. It has a washed look, which is obtained with an artisanal crushed effect. Volante is a transparent linen blend offering fresh colours and having a natural high-end look. Santiago is a room-high in-between with a nice bouclette, available in natural shades as well as blue, duck egg and orange.



Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex


Citrus is the paradise of tropical colours. All fresh colours are represented in an amazing way in Pomelo, a print with embroidery on a cotton base. You can combine this design with the beautiful stripes of Tangerine and Mineola. Those two stripes are also suitable for light upholstery. The textured look gives the beauty to Mandarin, a room-high plain that can be used for both upholstery and curtains.



Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex


Square is a mix of sophisticated textures and qualities in elegant shimmering colours. This elegant collection with a light shine is made of four room-high fabrics. Trinity, a net design with an eco lead band, offers an exquisite palette of subtle neutrals. Mayor is a transparent stripe while Ascot is a chevron design of polyester and cotton. The polyester is responsible for the sheen and the cotton for the soft touch of the fabric. Castillo is an in-between structure. The fabric has a soft touch in order to give this elegant curtain material a hint of modernity. Soft shades of colour complete the image of this remarkable fabric.



Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex

Wind Exclusive Design Presented New Collections At Decorex


This Trevira collection is composed of four high-end room-high qualities in iridescent colours. Typical for this collection, are the washability and the flame retardancy. Neptune, a medallion and Virgo, an all-over stripe are made from the same quality. Orion is a false plain in vibrant colours and Chandra is an elegant natural looking Trevira. On top of that, we have Sun, a room-high dim-out with a beautiful linen structure that can be matched with all of these qualities.


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