Timeless Elegance With Neoclassic Design Concept

Timeless Elegance With Neoclassic Design Concept

March 17, 2020

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This “unlike anything else” design style is all about timeless elegance and sophistication. A mix between the antique traditional elements into our modern days, that’s the correct way to define the Neoclassic Design Concept! The prepared environments seem immortalized with luxury and finesse, with a little touch of cleanness to balance things right. Don’t worry, CovetED will guide you safely through it!


Timeless Elegance With Neoclassic Design Concept


The neoclassic design style possessing a varied colour palette focuses on colours like cream, grey, blue, yellow and green taking the centre stage, on the other half, tones like lustre black, gold, red and silver are mostly used as patches of colour to highlight the overall style. See for yourself and breathe the amazing looks!


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Timeless Elegance With Neoclassic Design ConceptInterior by Tatyana Myronova with furnishings from Versace, Boca do Lobo, Koket, A Modern Grand Tour and Eichholtz


In most of the cases, one characteristic of neoclassical furniture is the symmetrical aesthetic. In its interior themes, you can expect to see dark wood furniture, embellished ornaments, marble and stone floors are quite common as well and even Persian carpets. One important key of this style is the fabrics, they often feel more luxurious than ostentatious, damask silk, brocade, linen and velvet are great examples!


Timeless Elegance With Neoclassic Design Concept



Timeless Elegance With Neoclassic Design ConceptBlooming Triplo Lamp by Vista Alegre


Urns, pottery, statues (that are placed above furniture in order to highlight the sophisticated ambient) are often used as decorative accessories of the style, additionally, it is common to see in the neoclassical interiors: large mirrors, breathtaking flower decor, and artwork as well as decorative mouldings which adorn the walls and ceilings in the best possible way.




Timeless Elegance With Neoclassic Design Conceptdesigned by Juan Pablo Molyneux


As a whole, the neoclassical aesthetic combines luxury and opulence with a relaxed and clean approach to provide an elegant aura and charm.



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