New mobile chair by Marcel Wanders for Louis Vuitton

Two days ago Marcel Wanders announced his Lounge Chair, as part of the Objets Nomades collection presented for occasion of Design Miami/ in Amsterdam. Along with other famous interior designers, Marcel Wanders has created a one-of-a-kind product for the showcase. Louis Vuitton has built a brand on differentiated sophistication, crafting supremely luxurious travel items with style and surprise that have stood the test of time.

CovetED magazine New mobile chair by Marcel Wanders for Louis Vuitton famous interior designers

The top product designer was drawn to participate in this extraordinary event because of the challenge of creating a luxurious piece that embodies the illusion of travel and elevating freedom to an art form.


CovetED magazine New mobile chair by Marcel Wanders for Louis Vuitton brown color

The object itself is an unfolding and portable oasis for relaxation. With caramel leather color on the outside, and iconic pink, flesh tone of suede inside, three individual modules fit into one another like a puzzle. As an homage to designer, Joe Colombo and his Tube Lounge, but with a very different shape and functionality, the Louis Vuitton object can be reconfigured in order for the pieces that are sensual to the touch to reveal three distinct solutions – a chaise longue, a lounge chair and a pouf. Having elegant belts and straps, along with the matrioska stapling feature, allow the piece to be portable like a high-end quality travel bag and to associate with the unique, holistic travel experience for which Louis Vuitton is known.

CovetED magazine New mobile chair by Marcel Wanders for Louis Vuitton photos

Louis Vuitton is a brand that truly understands form, function, material and craftsmanship, and most importantly, the connection with the human spirit. We have always seen Louis Vuitton as the benchmark of what it means to love your craft, supported by a heritage of quality and excellence that is undeniable” – says Marcel Wanders

From the beginning of the project, Marcel wanted to seamlessly incorporate the design sensibility of Louis Vuitton with his own.

CovetED magazine New mobile chair by Marcel Wanders for Louis Vuitton

“The foundation of our object was exploration, mobility and adventure that have been an integral component of the Louis Vuitton brand since its inception. The countless pieces of enduring luggage they have created are what travel in general, and a nomadic lifestyle specifically, call for – objects with purpose and meaning. Our charge to ourselves was to create with logic but to keep the dream inside. I wanted to make something that connects to the idea of the Nomade, but that is functional, transient, and of course, beautiful.” – explains Marcel Wanders

While this is a susbtantial piece, that maintains considerable size, it is designed in a way that makes it very light, yet durable. Closed, it sits stable, mimicking a bag featuring a handle. With a gesture to Miami Beach‘s historically rebellious colorful architecture, Marcel designed a second Lounge Chair created of a turquoise leather called Ocean Drive Inspiration.

CovetED magazine New mobile chair by Marcel Wanders for Louis Vuitton blue color


As you may see, these fun, playful pieces are the perfect way to relax as the intimate contoured shapes support body and soul. Whether you are lying on the beach, or on a deck enjoying the sun, this mobile object of travel is just the thing needed to unwind.

Source – Marcel Wanders



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