Luxury Rugs by Rug’s Society

Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society

Luxury Rugs by Rug’s Society

March 5, 2019

Luxury Rugs by Rug’s Society ⇒ A beautiful home is made of several different elements, and one that can never lack is a few original luxury rugs. Guess what? CovetED know a luxury brand able to combine contemporary design, with past and present design references, while never forgetting practicality and comfort. What is this mystery brand called? Rug’s Society! – Take a look below at some of their newest products.


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Have been looking for luxury rugs that can bring comfort, personality, and that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that only luxury pieces can add to a home? Look no more, the answer is right here.

Rug’Society is a unique Portuguese brand that aims to luxury rugs that go beyond practically, and actually become little pieces of art that you can enjoy from your home. They are beautiful to look at, made of the most exquisite materials, and filled endless originality that is still able to fit any decor style.

Rug’s Society is a brand that transmits emotions, while never being afraid of thinking outside of the box and reinventing new design trends for luxury rug’s that actually work in any home.

Their design identity lies mostly with a more eclectic approach to luxury rugs that is also inspired by their Portuguese heritage. Their inspiration is mostly based on surrounding life and experiences, and their vision complies lots of different styles and characters.

Their Portuguese heritage can be witnessed in their immaculate craftsmanship as they only work with the most acclaimed artisans, who carry their craft like a treasured legacy left from their family as a result of years of experience.

Their motto? “Luxury rugs with character”, that can be easily identified anywhere in the world by their unique design, and luxurious feel.

The series of products that follow is a mixture of colours, shapes, and textures, going from xx to xx, and xxx to.


Ted Shaggy


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The Ted Shaggy rug is one of those luxury rugs that mixes unique tones with New Zealand wool, and bamboo silk.


La Land Shaggy


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The La Land Shaggy comes from the botanical luxury rugs collection and features several pastel colours that blend with it its fluffy materials – New Zealand wool, and bamboo silk.


Oslo Shaggy


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The Oslo Shaggy rug has been named after the Norwegian capital and has a long snow-white pile with spots. It’s a piece that combines comfort with nobility making it a stand out item amongst luxury rugs. The materials used are New Zealand wool and bamboo silk.


Simba Geometric


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The Simba Geometric rug is an irreverent piece and exclusive amongst luxury rugs. It combines several graphic elements, a mixture of patterns and it’s a perfect match between the rigid shapes and the curves. The materials used are wool, botanical silk.


Lucy Lounge Rugs


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The Lucy Lounge rug counts with unique lines and unmistakable shapes. It is inspired by geometrical shapes and shades of pastel pink that make this astonishing lounge piece the perfect example of what luxury rugs should look like. The materials used are wool, botanical silk.



 Imperial Snake Lounge Rugs


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The Imperial Snake Lounge rug is another gem of the hand made luxury rugs world. It features a bold design works perfectly as a statement peace in a room. The materials used are wool, botanical silk.



Arraiolos Geometric


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The Arraiolos Geometric rug is a stunning creation that has been created through a hand knotted technique on wool. The graphics and patterns are different and unusual, make this piece another stand out in the world of luxury rugs.



White Garden


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society

The White Garden rug is has been crafted through the handtuffed technique and the material used is botanical silk. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of any room.



Midnight Classic

Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society

The Midnight Classic rug is another highlight in the world of luxury rugs, it’s hand made just like the other rugs in this collection and it features a subtle yet strong contrast of colour that is perfect to complement any visually busy room. In term of materials used, botanical silk, natural wool, and lurex have been all used.


Antilope Geometric


Luxury Rugs by Rug's Society


The Antilope Geometric has been crafted through hand tufted, carving, and loop techniques. It is 100% handmade and wool and botanical silk are its main materials. Do we think it’s another must-buy in the world of luxury rugs? Yes, we do!


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Source: Covet Foundation